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for Neon Genesis Alcion

7/14 c2 5Blitzstrahl
your using the '93 proposal material. interesting.

...You know in that proposal. Shinji is a girl too, and was meant to be in a lesbian relationship with Asuka.
7/11 c2 searge
Nice refreshing take at Asuka, and from an initial concept at that! The look into her life in Berlin and early Eva episodes without her is superbly done, especially the gamer concept side. Can't wait to read the next part!
5/23 c1 6D-Crossing
This is..Jesus, this is probably the single most interesting Evangelion fanfic I've laid my eyes on in years, it manages to both have the novelty factor of some sort of out there AU while also keeping things just familiar enough that they make sense. The idea to base the story on the original proposal for Evangelion really is interesting to me.

I do wonder if you will be following the way the story supposedly would or if you're planning on taking this in it's own direction,either way,I'm interested!

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