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4/10 c45 Guest
Kingdom hearts 4 is coming soon
3/12 c28 Guest
Last review was mis sent

Basically I was going to comment on the fact that Sakura is slightly out of character or rather Kairi reaction to her is.
3/12 c28 Guest
Regrading Sakura cooking, she did taste them, she made extra bitter, due to the old wife's tale 'the best medicine is bitter'.
Also you really forcing the NaruHina in this story, which is odd, since you also pushing NaruSaku.
Sakura is jealous of Kairi because of Sora (despite Naruto being the same type as Sora)
She commented 'is she shallow?' when Kairi pointed out that he doesn't
2/12 c45 1mulliganbarton
2/1 c45 mulliganbarton
1/12 c45 Guest
Hopefully you can feel better after your loss I just wanted to see an update on this story
12/11/2021 c45 Guest
Hey it’s been over 2 months
11/21/2021 c45 Guest
Hey are you ok? It’s been over a whole month
11/6/2021 c18 Guest
I wonder if the ROOTS and Danzy learned about the return of the daughter of the fourth Hokage to Konoha, as i wonder if Danzo could shows some interest in the powers of Kairi, particulary the Keyblade, and he begin to plots some ulterior plans to kidnapps Kairi and turn her in his weapon.

Well, if Danzo even dares to lays a finger in Kairi, i vote that this man end turned in a Heartless, because someone with a black heart that is full of evilness and selfish ambitions like him, definitely deserves become a Heartless, making that even Kairi get all the right to eliminates Danzo without any "legal issue" from the council, after all defeats the Heartless is part of her duty as Keyblade wielder.
10/31/2021 c20 15Logicalillogical
Sakura looked at Riku. He was handsome, almost as handsome as Sasuke. She glanced at Kairi. She grew up with this cool guy and she chose Sora?

That girl needs to get her eyes checked, Cha!

Well that's what happens when you're not shallow. Lol.
10/31/2021 c18 Logicalillogical
The chakra chains aren't a bloodline limit. They're a hiden jutsu, aka a secret sealing technique. This is like calling the Amaterasu a bloodline. Sure you need the sharingan to use it, but on it's own ,it's not a bloodline. Go read the databooks.

10/21/2021 c1 Guest
After checked more details about the past history between Nintendo and Squarenix, you're right, my mistake XD. Though that i was partially right about that the issues between both companies started with Final Fantasy 7. Adding that after the success of this game, Nintendo and Squarenix kept a notable rivalry and partial animosity each other, avoiding that they could makes businness together for years.

And even i guess that as result of that Kingdom Hearts included Squarenix in the project, and that the game was for Playstation platform, Nintendo wasn't interested in that Kingdom Hearts includes them in the game, explaining the point of Mr Popo about that Kingdom Hearts tried to includes Nintendo, but the idea ended scrapped in the end.
10/21/2021 c1 UseFistNotMouth
What the guest below says is not completely accurate.

Nintendo and Sony were originally working together to create the Playstation, however the 2 companies had a falling out over priorities and Nintendo split to make the N64 instead.

Square chose to release FF7 on the Playstation because it used CD ROM instead of cartridge format. The game just would not fit on a cartridge. Cartridges and Nintendo's lisencing fees were also higher cost than Sony's discs and fees.

Nintendo did not expect Sony's console to be successful, however both the console and FF7 were wildly popular, creating a true rivalry.
10/20/2021 c27 11D'nnome
so is it possible for Sephiroth to make an appearance?
10/14/2021 c1 Guest
Regarding to your point Mr popo, i guess that the reason to that Kingdom hearts scrapped the idea to includes Nintendo characters and their worlds in the game, could be result of the past story between Squarenix and Nintendo, when Squarenix was still Squaresoft.

I mean, Nintendo and Squaresoft used to have some partnership in the past and both made games together, like Mario RPG, adding that the Nintendo also incorporated Final Fantasy games in their platforms like Super Nintendo. But this partnership ended tragically when Squaresoft were working in the project known as Final Fantasy 7, that originally meant to the Nintendo 64 platform, but Nintendo producers considered the Final Fantasy 7 like a waste and a failure of game, refusing to accepts this in their platforms, making that Squaresoft break up their association and business with Nintendo, and they ended with the Sony, and created the Playstation 1 to plays Final Fantasy 7. But as result of this dissolution with Nintendo, this project should be rushed, causing that Final Fantasy 7 was a game with some imcomplete parts and rushed in some points. Though that even like an incomplete work, Final Fantasy 7 managed to become one of the most popular games in the world.

And as result of this dissolution with Nintendo, Squarsoft/Squarenix didn't want anything with Nintendo for several years, meaning that perhaps this bad blood between both companies was still in vigor during the working of the project known as Kingdom Hearts, a crossover between Disney and Squarenix, making likely that Squarenix refused to accepts that Disney would includes Nintendo in this game, as result of their negative past story.

And barely, Squarenix and Nintendo made aside their differences recently, to allowed that Cloud, Sephiroth and Sora were included in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, that is also ironic in the case of the two formers, as this animosity between both companies started with Final Fantasy 7.

I hope that you liked a little history class of the videogames.
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