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9/16 c41 Guest
One question, to be a princess of Hearts, could makes Kairi immune to the Orochimaru's curse mark, or she could be still vulnerable to this?

I ask because perhaps the curse mark works in a similar way like the Heartless corruption, like a lesser version, as both things corrupt your body, can turn you in a monster and maybe both corruptions can consume your heart. But if Kairi is a princess of Hearts, her heart is corruption-proof, making the curse mark theorically useless in her, something useful to Kairi if Orochimaru tries to turn her in his new vessel, to get the Keyblade.

PS. I liked the result of the Poll about Kairi's hair. Being honest, i always prefers her with a longer hair, as i don't liked that she cut her hair during KH3, making cool that she will leaves her hair grows and be longer in the fanfiction.
9/6 c14 OdeClock
Sora is an idiot but the good kind - like Naruto. They'll be bros before too long. Best bros. The Knuckleheaded bros. Inc!
9/6 c13 OdeClock
Excellent chapter. The fact that Naruto read through Kairi's Gummi Phone was always going to happen. The fact that Ino (or was that Ino?) would do that and fail miserably was always going to happen as well. Way to go Sora.
9/6 c12 OdeClock
So Sora brought her to the Final World and she can rest up and recouperate her strength. "Great going Sora" as Goofy would often say.

I knew Itachi would help out. He's a criminal, but the guy is super pragmatic.
9/6 c10 OdeClock
Well Itachi is probably the best person to find her. A truly kind man, burdened with a terrible role.

So her teleportation power was likely developed from seeing Sora battling and teleporting about as well. Then again Keyblade Wielders seem to have super speed after a certain amount of time. Probably as their heart grows, their power grows too.
9/6 c9 OdeClock
So Luxu has been interfering in that world for a long time eh? Interesting. Shows the Master's machinations are very far reaching. Kakashi's meeting with Braig confirms the Master has many plans for the Ninja World. Actually that's a pretty cool name for the world, if it was featured in Kingdom Hearts.

Well Kairi meeting Kabuto is a very dangerous event. However his loyalties have been all over the place for a long time, so maybe he will help her to some extent? Though considering what Orochimaru has been trying to do, the help will be limited.
9/2 c44 4Firetrail
Ah yes, Hisoka, Nux Taku’s spirit animal.
8/31 c15 WarzPark
Who Is The Main Mc Here Naruto Kairi Or Sora If Ur Gonna Write A Naruto Story At Least Make Naruto Stronger Not Following Canon Whats The Point Of Fanfiction If U Cant Adjust It
8/31 c14 WarzPark
Why Is Naruto So Fucking Weakkkkkkkk Cant You Make A Naruto Thats Like Minato Personality
8/30 c8 OdeClock
That little tease from Xigbar was a great choice. He's playing the Master's games alright. Kairi going all Uzumaki rag mode on Luxu was refreshing. Glad she was able to help out Naruto with her Keyblade powers. Sasuke still as egotistical as ever. Even Kairi could beat him at this stage (with great effort).
8/30 c4 OdeClock
Everyone liked Tobi (Obito) better when he was funny and not a psycho, murdering, nihilist bent on total world domination. As for Kairi, glad she can still communicate with her Key friends. Also providence that she was able to talk with Tenten and before she was interrupted by her troublesome sensei and teammate. Guy and Lee really are headaches...no wonder Tenten assaults them from time to time.

Ansem and co are truly masters of technology to be able to keep communication going across worlds. This will also make it easier for them to keep track of Kairi and keep her informed about the search for Sora.
8/30 c1 OdeClock
Exciting first chapter. Poor Kairi witnessing the death of her parents in this universe(s). It's bad enough her adoptive nan died and she couldn't see her one more time, but for her to witness the tragic attack on Konoha 15 years prior would be heartbreaking. Still as a Keyblade Wielder she should be able to travel to that world, just needs to get a little more training in before she leaves. Maybe?

Great advice Kushina! Kairi did find someone brave and strong like Minato, but also sadly lost him too. Hopefully she'll find him in the future and they can be together. As for Naruto, he didn't really listen...besides finding good friends to help him through his struggles.
8/30 c44 3Justaguynobigdealallright
it's fine I get it getting distracted by a good series/game does that to you.
8/30 c44 3bodyjaa
Keep the good work
8/30 c44 19redlox2
i missed ya.

anyways i think Naruto was pretty smart to have Gamatatsu swallow Kairi's crystal and reverse summon himself to Mount Myokbuka. since nobody besides a summoner can bring them back
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