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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

2/7 c29 Guest
*crying* Thay was so touching...
2/7 c29 One who is null
You bastard making me cry!
Godamn you write so good !
Naruto should get a sword not a keyblade though
Still I’m not crying!
2/7 c29 xavex
My eyes are filled so much with onions that it is making my eye condition worst...serious nice chapter and honestly Namine really deserve this moment. Well at least we avoid technicalities with um Xion(memories of kairi, but based from Sora) and Roxas(Literally Sora's nobody that was influenced from Ventus) due to their formation is closer to Sora than Kairi. Wish you luck on the next chapter.
2/7 c29 8The Keeper of Worlds
Oh that was beautiful.
2/7 c29 geraldwhusted
You may deny your tears, but not me! That was beautiful, good for Naminé! The teens of the Kingdom Hearts series go through so much crap, I love seeing happy things happen to them.
2/7 c29 6Jebest4781
this was rather sweet and can't wait to see more when possible
2/7 c29 4fangs of death
Very sweet chapter, with Namine meeting Kushina and being able to call her mom.
2/7 c29 Lucien2219
Talk about an emotional way to end the chapter. Teared up a little myself.
2/7 c29 3Crazzytony
The ending scene was great got me to tear up a but too. Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/7 c29 19redlox2
That was rather emotional I just admit. Although I will say I have always been a sucker for Namine so I am bit biased for her too.

Now the question is did some of Minato chakra also got put into Namine as well?

Interesting choice for the questions and I figured she would pick the staff over sword. It just fits her personality best.

Can I ask? Since Kushina and Minato split their chakra between their two children (and Kairi portion was further split when anime was born) does that mean that naruto time with them will be shorter? (As they had to split the little portion even more?
1/27 c28 Lucien2219
I'm not sure what to make of this
1/27 c28 8The Keeper of Worlds
...Well, Sora found his kink*massive ass sweat drop*
1/27 c28 19redlox2
wow anyways. THat was interesting. Jiraiya i guess got part of his wish to see a more mature Kairi? just not in th way he would ever expect (strangely i think he would want Tsuande to do that to him if they were in a relationship lol. He typically takes her punches' without much complaint justified or not)

and Sora i guess felt his best female friend 'wear' something he like lol?
1/27 c28 kirbydude333
There's so many problems with this chapter so I'm going to start with the smallest one: you really weren't kidding when you said you weren't very good at fight scenes one paragraph is not long enough for a fight scene especially with the main villain of an entire series its anti-climactic and completely lame! he used exactly three moves and then the fight was over! But that pales in comparison to the absolute atrocity which my eyes beheld at the end of the chapter... I would say I have no words but I really I do have the words to express the utter disgust and disappointment at I what I saw: I don't care what interpretation you have of Kairi's personality there is no way in hell she would come up with sexy dominatrix Jutsu and there is no way in hell she would have given Jiraiya the satisfaction of doing that to Jiraiya whom She knows to be a pervert! This fanfiction was actually one of the first fanfiction I've ever recommended before, and now it's the first fanfiction I've ever completely removed from my favorites list and will warn people away from because of how utterly trash it is and offends the spirit of Kairi's character AKA a genuinely sweet person who has no darkness in her heart whatsoever (darkness is all about ambition, rage, and domination AKA traits that Kairi is completely incapable of having)! As I have said in a previous comment this is one of the best premises for a Kingdom Hearts Naruto crossover fanfiction I have ever seen and I genuinely hope someone with more love and respect for the franchise and with the restraint to avoid shoving their fetishes down people's throats makes a better fanfiction then this with the same premise!
1/27 c28 Sage Games
Kairi as a dominatix. Why? Just... just why?
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