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1/13 c27 Panther-Strife
Some of you people think Sora will beat kaguya otsutsuki, but I think it'll be a draw or this is Kaguya were talking about, she's so much stronger.
1/13 c27 2Loki921
Every chapter gets more and more interesting. I can’t wait to see Sora’s fight with the Mad Rabbit Goddess, and Kairi trying to add chakra to her keyboard.
1/13 c27 Snowtrue
Caiosfosntbsjsjsndjakckdn HAI JOSHUA

Was not expecting the laser Jesus himself to appear in this fic but here we are

Oh? Is Kairi gonna try to set Naruto up with Hinata?
1/13 c27 xavex
A Sora who should have somewhat his normal strength vs a Kaguya who should only have small amounts of chakra with many hax abilities. Mmmm an interesting match, I would say Sora should win this, though that depends can Kaguya absorb or use magic in this universe?
1/13 c27 3Crazzytony
Oh I'm excited for this. Can't wait for the next chapter keep up the great work!
1/13 c27 19redlox2
Can I say I am honestly abit confused on what the ending with Sora and Hagomoro is? I am pretty sure Sora is not going to be fighting the Gedo statue or Black Zetsu (who in some ways are the remnants of Kaguya not found in the Tailed beasts themselves..) is it some of portion of her inside the moon?

Sora I am guessing won’t let Minato suffer in the reaper death seal stomach even if he chose that fate (and even if Sora doesn’t quite know it actually intended to seal away half of Kyubi from everyone else?)
1/13 c27 deathreapsonce
Damn... Kaguya is probably gonna get her teeth kicked in...
1/12 c27 Hotshot6
I'm getting Endgame Xenoblade chronicles vibes, with the fight taking place in the stars and all that.
1/9 c26 Panther-Strife
I am wondering if Naruto has Darkness in his heart, and maybe he encountered Vanitas at the age 4-5? Maybe Vanitas found Naruto's world by accident and entered the Leaf village to look around, and he saw Naruto be hated by the villagers, and Naruto hating them in turn. I think that Vanitas initiated the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony on Naruto with Void Gear(the Keyblade sensed Naruto's darkness along with Kurama) and Void Gear allowed Naruto to hold it.

Also What if Vanitas came from his time and back to the future() and took control of Naruto as his vessel?
1/6 c26 1naruto9001believeit
Wouldn't it make sense for Kairi to try to think of more ways to combine her Chakra techniques with her abilities as a Keyblade wielder? I know Water magic doesn't require chakra, but it's still a water source; would it be possible for her to manipulate it using her chakra to some degree after it's cast? And is it also possible to manipulate chakra in general using her Keyblade as an extension.

Now while I'm glad to see some interaction between Kairi and Hinata, I found it a little underwhelming, not necessarily because it was short, but because you basically only showed what has already been done before in the anime; Hinata being teased over her feelings for Naruto. One of the worst things about both the manga and anime is that they avoid almost every opportunity to develop Hinata's character in a way that doesn't revolve around her love for Naruto, despite the potential she's always had. Even her best moments, where she displays an incredible amount of confidence and bravery; in the end, she herself has nothing to show for it, as she always loses in every one to one fight she's in, apparently displaying no significant growth in her abilities despite one of the most important aspects of her character being her determination to overcome herself in order to keep improving, something that apparently doesn't work on her whatsoever, yet works wonders on everyone else, Naruto especially. Hell, in the Pain fight, she was just used as a "motivator" for Naruto to go Nine Tails.

Anyway, I think it would have been great if Kairi and her trained together, and got to know her better, about things that don't revolve around Naruto. I can see the two of them helping the other improve on what they lack.
1/5 c26 KGBeastboy
It great seeing Naruto talking with Namine because she really needed something good to happen to her after everything that occurred to her. I could see Naruto tell Namine that she could use her chakra in her painting similar to Sai. Like have Namine record and have notes of Sai explaining how he does his jutsu and demonstrating how the work, then sending the videos for Namine to pratice them. Naruto reasoning is that she might come across the Akaksuki or other dangers and having Namine to have some way to defend herself; given that Namine always knows how to draw so she might be able to learn quickly without much difficulty.

Kairi could gather water from the moisture from plants like Ruiga from the Peddlers Escort Mission arc. In it Ruiga use a pair of Tonfa and use them as dowsing rods to help gather water to use his jutsu.

My idea of how this could come up is the story is that Naruto and Kairi are going back home after training and meet Shino and Choji alongside their fathers and are invited to eat at Yakiniku Q. While talking Kairi tells them about her problem with water nature and Choji reminding Naruto about Ruiga with how he use his tonfa to gather water from plants. With Shino telling telling Kairi she could get some tonfa from Tenten and asking her to learn how to use them in a fight.

Before leaving Choza and Shibi want to talk to Kairi privately about her father. Telling Kairi that Tsunade told them that she knows who her parents are and telling her that they were friends with her father and work with him. Telling her about the events from Naruto Shippuden The Lost Tower. Choza telling Kairi that her work ethic is respectable but she shouldn't put so much pressure to herself and allow her friend to help her out when she fights the Akatsuki. That she shouldn't feel ashamed that she has allies that want to help her with her problems. With Shibi explaining that underestimating her opponents could get her killed given she doesn't know what the remaining members can do and the one's she fought won't underestimate her again. Reminding Kairi that she might have beaten Deidara he is still alive, and that if Tobi is the person that fought her father she shouldn't fight him alone because if he had actually fought seriously Kairi would have been in trouble. Because Tobi fought the 4th Hokage, the strongest at the time and now has several more years of experience since to hone his skill. Both Choza and Shibi telling Kairi all this so that she doesn't die like her father did.

Keep up the good work the story is incredible and enjoy reading every new chapter that comes out.
1/5 c26 GuestWithIdeas
Well, this was a good breather from the emotional drama from the last one. And some small things, Naruto's actually okay with plants, one of his favorite hobbies is watering flowers if I remember correctly. It was nice to see Kairi and Hinata talk, and it looks like Kairi might play matchmaker in the future, I find that good-naturedly funny but also endearing.
To answer your question on if a Nara would try their Shadow Jutsu on a Shadow Heartless I'd say it'd more or less bite them in the butt. The Shadows would either sink into the ground making the Jutsu useless, or they would use it as some form of attack on the Nara. Either way Shadow Heartless would be their worse enemy.
And now for the big moment, Namine meeting Naruto. I'm not going to lie that got me right in the feels, especially when Namine's feelings of inadequacy came up- I said it before and I'll say it again she needs a hug. To bad we didn't have a moment between Namine, Minato and Kushina, you know very tiny remnants of their chakra found its way into Namine and they talk mostly them accepting her as their daughter. Maybe the remnants in Naruto's seal will tell their son to pass that message on.
You know, looking back at some other reviews I couldn't help but think about the dynamic between Naruto and Roxas. I couldn't help but think they but heads a lot, mostly due to their care for Namine. I've found other stories that give our two Nobodies a sibling relationship, where Roxas is very protective of his sister. If you go with this than you know Naruto and Roxas are going to trade blows, and it's going to be an all out brawl. Kind of funny but also way over the top and I think that suits them. Well that's all I got hope it helps.
1/5 c26 Guest
It me the Irish writer and I believe that I have signed in comment once before this chapter, but who is keeping track? I'm not.
Also on mobile so yeah ignore spelling and grammar.
Great chapter, although I feel that Kairi should be finding it harder to complete the rasengan, it took Naruto weeks maybe months. Maybe stage 2 and 3 should take her more time than the first and yes I aware that it was Naruto giving her the answer that speed it up, but it was still only at most a couple of days.

As Kairi is very polite to someone who was following her at a distance, that she barely knows and her brother referred to as being creep/weird - just saying kairi is either a empath or is somehow she still view the world as a child.
Shika will either lure the heartless to himself, or he somehow bond it his command, later it revealed that Nara where darlings that managed to regain their humanity.

Also in regard to naruto's chakra control Redlox is correct Naruto does actually have decent chakra control at least in the median and large-scale, his small scale is bad though.
Also I believe it implied that Naruto can make the rasengan without a clone, it just takes him time, 10-15 seconds compared to 1-5 seconds.
In fact it looks to be a speed thing since when he first get Sage Mode he makes the himself as he only able produce a handful of clones compared to the legion he can normal produce (fight against Pain)
1/5 c26 Guest
1/5 c26 2Loki921
This is such a cute chapter; I like it. As for what would happen with Shikamaru; I think that name would become literal, as in Shikamaru possessed by a Shadow heartless.
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