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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

1/5 c26 1whiteabyss89
It would be interesting for the shadows to take over Shikamaru. Take away one of his greatest weapons and force him to use other means.
1/5 c26 6Jebest4781
That was quite enjoyable
1/5 c26 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Even if it’s not a possessor with a capital “P” (the spiky enemy that can use other objects) shikamaru could be possessed, made angrier, or emptier in emotion, though the weird part of me that wants to twist it a little, wants it to be that, when shikamaru captures one in a shadowbind, they briefly clash before Shikamaru’s will overcomes them and they become similar to Nin-ken partners. How hilarious would it be if the bad guy had to deal with Nara trained Heartless that they thought they had control of but got their face clawed off.
1/5 c26 DiZ-1989
Considering chakra is made of physical energy form your cells and spiritual energy from your mind, it's essentially a bridge between the body and the mind. So I would argue that Shikamaru, or any Nara, using their shadow techniques to connect to a Shadow Heartless would be literally opening up their heart to the Heartless they're connecting to. So, BAAAAAD idea. In my opinion at least, you could choose to go a different way with it.

Otherwise, enjoying the story. You've probably been asked before, but do you have any plans for Naruto to become more involved in Keyblade affairs at some point? Maybe even up to and including actually obtaining his own Keyblade, to whatever end?
1/5 c26 SolSparda369
I think Shikamaru’s shadow possession would work like a fishing rod. To explain shikamaru’s starts like a line right?, so if an heartless can move thur shadows then if could move thur shikamaru’s shadow. But since shikamaru can also grab on to things, he could hold on to a heartless and drag them out or hold on to them for a short amount of time. Granted he could be attacked if the heartless is strong enough, breaking the Justu like snapping a fishing rod’s line and causing serious whiplash to his hands. Numbing him for a short amount of time, like a stun or frozen effect.
Overall nice chapter.
1/5 c26 8The Keeper of Worlds
I absolutely loved this chapter! And I think the Shadow would puppet Shikamaru instead, or be able to instantly grab at his heart from inside it.
1/4 c26 geraldwhusted
I think if a Nara, not just Shikamaru, tried to use their shadow jutsu on a Shadow Heartless, it could either possess the ninja, or instantly appear at their exact location... Personally, I would go with the instant travel, as that has a chance to be defended against.
1/4 c26 19redlox2
Although chakra seems to be exclusive to naruto world (and the Otosuski-who aren’t introduced yet but exist through Kaguya and her descendants-)

I think heartless would probably absorb shadow jutsu and grow bigger (but probably unable to absorb any of form of chakra.

I thought this dispose was rather cute. Naruto and Kairi finally getting to act like the siblings they were meant to be (Kairi calling him big brother in jest was rather sweet).

I also like how naruto finally meets face to face Namine who happened to resemble more of Minato (by sheer coincidence) like him unlike Kairi who looked more like Kushina.

I don’t think anyone has told Kairi that ninja can train other chakra natures not just their affinities? (With Kakashi even remarking in canon that most Jonin have two chakra natures-implying they trained at least one other past their natural affinity)

I think naruto actually gave Kairi a rather big hint (since she is his sister) as naruto had to learn by sheer coincidence by watching a cat bat a water balloon how to swirl chakra in different ways).

It’s not brought up much but naruto actually has fairly decent chakra control just a sheer amount of chakra (making subtle things like Genjustsu and medical ninjutsu out)

In part 1 naruto was capable of near mastering water walking after only a few days of training (while his own chakra was unbalanced due to the 5 pronged seal set by Orichimaru). Once Jiraiya dispelled it he mastered it right away.

Thanks for the update!
12/25/2020 c25 KGBeastboy
Great chapter, appraitate how naruto call namine his sister. Pretty sure he would call xion his sister too given she look like kairi and having kairi having another confusing conversation about how xion came to be.

Charaters that Kairi should interact with first should be Shikamaru, Asuma and Hinata. Because the next Akatsuki are Hidan and Kakuzu, kairi should meet Asuma before he dies to help her have a better connection to them instead of just being their. Like Kairi meeting shikamaru and considered him to be okey person but extremely lazy until talking to Asuma. Who says shikamaru extremely talented and only applies it when necessary and question it until his fight with Hidan. Also Asuma could tell about how his father, the third hokage help out Naruto when he was a kid, and how naruto acts like a brother to konohamaru and his friends. With kairi wondering how the kid is until Asuma tell her it the one she beat up.

As for Hinata it just about how adorable the interaction with Kairi would be. It gonna be extremely easy for Kairi to learn that Hinata like Naruto. Pretty sure kairi would ship them together given Naruto need someone nice and calm in is to her energetic personality, also being the less violent and likely consider her the only sane person in the world for him. Plus it would be funny when kairi learns why use a a big jacket to cover herself. Thinking if Hinata was more confident and use her asset's she could have Naruto already.
12/25/2020 c25 kirbydude333
While I am enjoying the story I have one major issue with it: why are all the fight scenes happening off-screen? It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense especially considering that this is a crossover between a shounen anime and a video game which is basically a shounen anime. Also I think the angst is sucking up way too much of the screen time, while both series are no stranger to having characters angst on the screen it does not take up the majority of the runtime. Seriously I believe that half of the word count is dedicated to someone being worried about something and not talking about it! This is honestly one of the best setups to a fanfiction I've ever seen but these two issues are holding it back immensely.
12/25/2020 c25 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
And now namine’s body is dying. Kairi didn’t use chakra in the longest time so her system wasn’t prepared for it. Namine has her same status from before she unlocked it, so Namine’s body isn’t prepared for it either.
12/25/2020 c25 Librarian343
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to TalkingSalad12 and your friends and family. And a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone else and to your friends and family.
12/24/2020 c25 2Loki921
Called, Big Brother Naruto for the win. I knew he was going to see Naminé as a little sister, Roxas and Riku better watch out lol. Good chapter. Merry Christmas.
12/24/2020 c25 6Jebest4781
This is gonna get interesting rather soon
12/24/2020 c25 Guest
I'm early lol, Merry Christmas!
Oof Naruto you have no idea how much you are still gonna hear about Sora lol (can't wait for when they actually meet in pearson lol)
Honestly I think if we consider all the mains characters of kh, like Xion (and Roxas maybe?) the Uzumaki clan might not be nearly extinct anymore lol
Anyway, great chapter, can't wait for the next one :)
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