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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

10/18/2020 c19 Bluzerker
YEEESSSS! More Kingdom Heart Characters! Heck yah! Riku would be neat to see everyone else’s reaction to.
10/18/2020 c19 3Crazzytony
This was a fun chapter and yeah Riku and Sasuke meeting would be a great interaction especially since both fell down a dark path and were eventually pulled out from said path by their friend's.
10/18/2020 c19 4Haxorus knight
I don’t know, Kairi might freak out when Hidan’s head starts talking.
10/12/2020 c18 GuestWithIdeas
So Xigbar’s up to his old tricks, finding someone else to do his dirty work,
I did like Kari meeting Naruto’s friends, you also kept everyone’s character in tact, a lot of people have trouble with this even though the Naruto series is well over 10 years old. On an understandable reason I can see Kari bonding with other characters over others namely the girls. I also think it’d be worth while to have some of them to train Kairi. For example Hinata and Neji can help with Chakra control since their clan is renowned for that, Tenten can help with weapon training, and Shikamaru long-term strategy ( I say long-term because the KH group seems good at going with the flow of battle and adapting to the situation but not so great at guessing the opponents plans and having proper counters)
I’m also curious about Sai. I can see him getting close to Kairi out of a genuine attempt to be friends with her, but the most likely thing that’s going to happen is he’s acting on Danzo’s orders. Quite the dilemma isn’t it.
Kari’s a duel nature huh? And it’s water and light, my suggestion paid off it seems . Naruto training Kari gives me mixed feelings, on the one hand Naruto would explain in the most simple way possible because that’s what he needed and it would help Kairi in the long run, but in the other hand how much can he actively teach her until Kakashi, Jiraiya or Naruto’s friends pick up the slack?
I also liked that Kairi wants to learn the Rasengan, it was her father’s creation so she has just as much right to learn it as her brother does.
And in the next chapter brother and sister are going to spar. It’s going to be interesting since neither will go all out, that being said Kairi should be able to win. It’s true Kairi doesn’t have a lot of experience in fighting than her friends due, but she did fight hordes of Heartless, teamed up with Lea to fight Xion and Saix, and Xehanort alongside Sora. Not to mention in this story she fought Didera and Tobi even when she was dropped cold in that fight, and she contended well against Kabuto. Well that became a ramble hope it helps.
10/11/2020 c18 8The Keeper of Worlds
She’s a dual nature, with Light(Yang Release) chakra and Water. Promising.
10/11/2020 c18 Jmw
I like aqua too but you pair naruto with who you want don’t let other people tell you how to write your story we can give ideas suggestions and ask questions but in the end it is your story and your choice to decide
10/11/2020 c18 Naruto fanReview
Okay first of... Hinata... Did you really need to add the part.
First in Canon their only together because of the last, that all that need to be say about, the writer didn't think that the ship worked without the movie and in said movie need to change Naruto and Sakura relationship and to highlight that Sakura doesn't understand man at all.

But onto the review itself. Kiba and Lee yeah I could see that part, sakura and Ino ranting at each other as also in character.
Naruto fighting Lee was in character, surprisingly. I would Kiba as a big 'threat' that Lee although Lee outright asked for a date Kiba asked to give her a tour of the village.
In regards to chakra natures i going to assume that Magic can give a false positive.
Suggestion Naruto learns some magic or he somehow able to use a keyblade - you have Sora learning Chakra. Or simply have claim the ability to use his past life abilities (Wood style)
Okay overall chapter 9/10 - you got - 1 becuase of Cliffhanger (I don't review on shipping unless bashing is used.)
10/11/2020 c18 1naruto9001believeit
If you love Hinata so much, you should use her in more scenes; she's barely been in the story at all, which is disappointing considering how underutilized she is in the both the manga and anime ( I wanna see what Kairi thinks about her having feelings for her new brother, maybe even have them train together or something.
10/11/2020 c18 6Jebest4781
this was rather fun and can't wait to see what'll occur next
10/10/2020 c18 Bluzerker
Please stay strong with your pairings, I hate shippers asking you to do that. It’s idiotic and they should at least respect your decision on that. Not a fan of romance myself but as long as it doesn’t detract from the focus of the story which is the sibling relationship. Also why does everyone put naruto in harems, it’s overrated as hell.
10/10/2020 c18 Hotshot6
(About the Aqua Question) Because we're all horny scumbags? I honestly have no clue, if your insistent on Hinata, stick with Hinata.
10/1/2020 c17 8The Keeper of Worlds
Part of me is VERY curious to just how much a dangerous interaction this can lead to.
9/27/2020 c17 Guest
Great chapter and please update whenever you can. Also I'm expecting Naruto to beat the crap out of Kiba and Lee if they flirt with Kairi.
9/27/2020 c17 Big fan
Did Naruto make a rasengan by himself? Yes I know that implied that he can actually do that after the timeskip. He use clones out of habit and the fact that it increases how quickly he can make them.
9/27/2020 c17 6Jebest4781
this was quite enjoyable here here
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