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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

6/7 c41 Guest
I think keep it short unless you plan on doing a timeskip
6/7 c35 Naruto-DXD6996
OHHH GOD...I'm not looking forward to pervy sage's death for them both! Also to hell with duck butt Roku is waaaaayyy better in every aspect!
6/7 c29 Naruto-DXD6996
I sure as hell am I'll admit it and I'm a dude!
6/7 c28 Naruto-DXD6996
Hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehe oh naruto's poor reaction to this!
6/6 c41 19redlox2
Well we did see Kairi in KH2 with long hair and I think a majority of the KH fandom thinks she looks more mature then when she cut in KH3. So I vote for her to havre hair as character development once she accepts it’s not one or the other. (She can both be an Uzumaki and Keyblade wielded)

And Orichimaru was wrong naruto did inherit something form Kushina. Her quantity of chakra. It’s been started that naruto overall compatibility with Kurama chakra is due to being Kushina child and a jinchuuiki

Okay so how does Yukimura (guessing he wa stay blonde with purple eyes kids that talked or naruto?) know about the Keyblade? As even Orichimaru apparently does not know?

Of god… please don’t do a twist where Yukimaru is somehow a Keyblade wielded.., it would just kinda ruined that an animal only minor character would be one but the second main character naruto is stick with his original Powers from canon…
6/6 c41 fcchivas619
Hmmm maybe give her the KH2 hairstyle and by the end of the story have her with long hair.
Good chapter today! Can’t wait for the next one.
6/6 c41 deathreapsonce
maybe only until her KH2 hair? It was the best hairstyle she had, to be honest.
6/6 c41 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
6/6 c41 1Cubiawer
6/6 c41 Librarian343
Okay, make Kairi's hair long, as long as her Mother's hair. She make it into a ponytail when on missions. Next thing, don't make Naruto a Keyblade Wielder, it may not be his thing, it's more of Kairi's thing, but thinking about it again, it can suit him and Sasuke has sword so why not Naruto has one too. But Naruto's thing is mainly fists, kunai and chakra, giving him the Keyblade would might take that away from him. But it's your choice, but you have what my vote is, no Keyblade for Naruto (your choice) and long hair for Kairi (as long as her Mother's).
6/6 c41 6Jebest4781
Will be interesting to see what will be done next with Kairi confronting Sasuke and Orochimaru
6/2 c35 Guest
yea the reverse scenario doesn't work here sasuke willingly stabbed naruto. Sora had neither the power or experience necessary to save her or prevent her capture and he still give it his all and sacrificed himself for her countless times currently in the story he broke the very laws of the universe and rewrote fate at the cost of his existence for her. Its fine if naruto still wants to save sasuke but narutos very dislike for sora is completely illogical even he has to understand that to compare it to kairi's reasoning for disliking sasuke makes no sense.
5/30 c40 1naruto9001believeit
You do remember that Kairi knows Water spells right? Can she not use chakra to control the water she conjures for some reason? In fact it feels like you're veering away from the possibility of her learning techniques used by Keyblade wielders; does she even know Flowmotion/Airstep. Can she use a Formchange? Also, I feel like you could have done a bit more during the scenes with Kairi and Hinata; for example, I would have liked to have actually seen them train together and perhaps swap training methods and whatnot. I could also see Kairi actually helping Hinata with her confidence issues.
5/30 c40 1theIrishWriter
Kairi fangiriling over Aqua, was kind of cute,
also did I misread the last chapter (I surprised I didn't mention this in my review last chapter), but Sakura aware of Naruto and Kairi parents, or she aware that Kairi knows and that Naruto is waiting for their Chakra to awaking.

i like the whole 'Hinata or Sakura' as Naruto's potential lover debate that Kairi was having (only because Naruto is trying to get involved in her love live), it isn't something i seen done well, usually people just pick side and that it.

Sasuke: i can't see using Kairi as bait as work out well for Sasuke.
Guren Arc: was that arc earlier in the series, like during the element nature training arc. I don't remember the fillers all that well, but I'm pretty sure Naruto was involved in this arc.

also suggestion, Naruto starts training Water nature to keep an eye on Sakura.
5/30 c40 19redlox2
Kairi I got to say is kinda devious. She supports naruto and Hinata but also thinks naruto would fit for Sakura. But of course she accepts it will be naruto choice at the end of the end.

It will be interesting naruto instead of joining the arc him spending more time with Jiraiya.
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