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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

7/10/2020 c9 Guest
Since kairi keeps using aeroga in almost every situation she should probably have the wind nature chakra. Also this is one of my favorite Fanfictions I've ever read please continue quickly!
7/6/2020 c9 RedFox
I think Kairi’s chakra nature I would pick water Release because Naruto already have Wind Release

hopefully Kairi doesn't blindly trusting people specially Kabuto not she will be captured

I wonder are you going give to Naruto new skills and abilities for his training


The person wrote this is redlox2 his Reviews for this Story on chapter 9

I know being twins Kairi time is relatively the same as Naruto time but the problem is the beginning of Shippuden Naruto was pretty unimpressive while Kairi at thsi time had just matured past the Keyblade War. I think its pretty unfair character throw so much shame at Naruto (Naruto turning point was the Pain arc)

(My opinion)

I agree Naruto was pretty unimpressive the beginning of Shippuden because his skills and abilities are exactly the same for he leaving Konoha for 3 years because of Jiraiya looks like teaching Naruto nothing new .only Naruto learning anything new was after came back to Konoha from other people teaching him

I agree Kairi time right now is strong right now and more skills and abilities pair to Naruto because Merlin training her in the place Merlin created, the Secret time doesn't exist we do not know how long Kairi training was a how many month or years taught by Merlin she is strong only she lacks experience fighting people

And reason why Kairi is strong because of the Keyblade it gives her power is the same logic it gives 14 year old sora from Kingdom Hearts 1 to fight Ice Titan and Rock Titan and Ansem and win and sora was a normal 14 year old boy for got the Keyblade short of time he became that powerful end of Kingdom Hearts 1

I think when they lose the Keyblade they turn back into a normal person it explain why Aqua why she couldn't defeated Ansem in the realm of darkness and only person taught how to use magic out using the Keyblade can still use magic Aqua would've use magic on Ansem
7/6/2020 c9 GuestWithIdeas
OH NO! Kari’s with Kabuto, get out of their girl! Though I wonder is Karin around? It would be an interesting turn of events if the two girls met and they sense they’re family so the two book it.
I was also wondering if Kari would meet Sasuke here? This idea got in my head that if they met Sasuke would form a begrudging respect for her. Why, because she shows she’s not like other girls he knows. Kari shows she can take care of herself and more importantly she doesn’t kiss up to him like the other girls do (I hate to bash the other girls that badly but it’s the truth)
I also like that you brought Iruka into this, people tend to forget he exists and how important he is to Naruto.
Now for Kari’s chakra nature I say Water style should be her primary and later she learns Light style since she’s a Princess of Heart. That’s all I got hope it helps.
7/6/2020 c9 4Haxorus knight
Think she might have a light release, a mix of yin, fire, and lighting Chakra.
7/5/2020 c9 PkmntrainerCam
Couldn't find the poll, but I guess "Water", since her name means "Sea" or something.
7/5/2020 c9 Hannibal the Bahamut
Glad your back on this story. What a compelling story you have written. For Kairi’s chakra nature I would pick water given that it goes with her name Kairi as well as Uzumaki. You could give her a second nature as well And this could be wind. Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/5/2020 c9 6Jebest4781
well this is gonna get rather interesting. also for Kairi's chakra nature, believe she should have a water nature so she could be closer to her mother's heritage per say as Naruto took on Minato's
7/5/2020 c9 SPark681
Hmm, I hope Kairi stays safe anyways keep up the great work!
7/5/2020 c9 19redlox2
wow talk about shade. people think Naruto and kairi are related but they give nothing but shade to Naruto (who quite frankly is a late bloomer in appearance and powers) but nothing but praise to Kairi (who is at her peak right now). i know its fanfic but still/

I know being twins Kairi time is relatively the same as Naruto time but the problem is the beginning of Shippuden Naruto was pretty unimpressive while Kairi at thsi time had just matured past the Keybalde War. I think its pretty unfair character throw so much shade at Naruto (Naruto turning point was the Pain arc)
6/27/2020 c8 Guest 123
Hey I just read ur legend of korra and kingdom hearts crossover fan fiction and I really enjoyed it and was wondering if you were ever going to continue it I’m really curious r they sorta childhood imaginary friends for each other or what I know this is not the fan fic itself but I figured this would a best way to get a response please reply
6/26/2020 c8 Jmw
Part 2 of my review I accidentally posted review when I was try to fix something Poor team 7 they just had found her and now she’s gone.

I kinda am a little glad she didn’t go back with them right away just because from a story telling perspective I feel it would be too soon they don’t really no the danger Xigbar brings and how he could destroy their world and with kairi being the only other Keyblade wielder on that world she is technically the only one that can try and stop him without giving the existence of other world’s away.

Will the other konoha teams join them search when they get a lead on her again. Or even the sand siblings from suna seeing how Naruto helped garra and saved him.

Will kairi make a name for herself as she travels maybe helping people or other ninja or maybe meet different jinchuriki and use the Keyblade to help protect them from Akatsuki extracting their biju. Kinda like she sealed the ninetails from breaking free in this chapter or maybe have stop hidan and kakazu from capturing yugito the 2 tails jinchuriki and gain a little trust with kumo.

There are so many ways you can take this story since you didn’t have her go to konoha right away I really like what your doing

And as for Sora and Naruto fighting its up to you but I think Sora would win as this is post kingdom hearts 3 and Naruto doesn’t even have sage mode Naruto didn’t get godlike until the fourth Shinobi war and this Naruto seems to take place after the rescue garra arc which is early shippuden.

Overall I can’t wait to see where this goes
Great chapter
6/24/2020 c8 6Jebest4781
Will be interesting to see what’ll occur next
6/24/2020 c7 Jebest4781
This was great
6/24/2020 c6 Jebest4781
This was rather nice
6/24/2020 c5 Jebest4781
This was pretty good
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