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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

5/24 c39 6Koren Flashblade
Another great chapter and I am relived thay Namine will not go any where near that monster. Although what I want, is Kairi kicking Orchimaru's snake butt.
5/23 c38 19redlox2
This was pretty interesting. I alway do like when we dwells into Kairi thoughts that are solely focused on finding Sora or getting back to her friends.

Her real fears (prompted by Lea in an earlier chapter) about not belonging to naruto world by virtue Anymore are real feelings most people have. Naruto just being there for Kairi is very sweet especially since is not demanding she think fo their world as her only true home.
5/23 c39 Guest
In response to the author's note at the end of the chapter, yes she does deserves the
5/23 c39 Irishwriter
It me, the IrishWriter, on mobile sorry for spelling and grammar. Also lost tower yes, can you do separate stories for some of the other Movies.
Damn this hits right in feel.

Personally I think Orochimaru trying to get Namine and Kairi would a bad Idea for him, let count the reasons it bad for him:
1) Riku
2) Sora
3)Sora and Riku
4)the G.O.L
And Yes Orochimaru won't/shouldn't know about them but does know about the following:
7)Jiriaya and Tsunade
8) Naruto (nine tails)
9)the konoha 11
And 10) because I could see this happening if Orochi attempted to get them:
Naruto enter Ashura mode early (like me the form he enters at the end of the power Arc)
5/23 c39 shiftfiredragon
...I say we sick Xion on him.

But not regular Xion. DLC Xion.

See how long that immortality lasts against the power/health drainer.
5/23 c39 6Jebest4781
this was quite good and can't wit for the upcoming confrontations
5/23 c39 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
5/16 c38 fcchivas619
Good chapter! I am a fan of your stories of kingdom hearts/Naruto crossover especially this one.
About naruto getting a keyblade in my opinion don’t like the idea since naruto will be learning sage jutsu and later on will get chakra mode with kuruma so I will believe he doesn’t need it. Though this is just my opinion and this is your story so whatever you go with I will support it.
I have been thinking do you have any plans for riku?
Since sora and kairi are getting stronger by learning chakra will be a shame to leave him out of this.
5/16 c38 1naruto9001believeit
I'm so glad Kairi's finally hanging with Team 8, or more specifically Hinata XD who by the way, didn't get anywhere near the development she deserved in the both the manga and anime I'm hoping that during the next arc you do more with her than what Kishi did. Maybe have her and Kairi visit Kurenai?

I honestly don't like the idea of Naruto becoming a Keyblade wielder; becoming stromg and overcoming his weaknesses was an important part of his development, and that's how it should remain. Also, that would make Kairi seem less unique.

One thing that I think would be cool is if Kairi was in trouble fighting Orochimaru, and then Sora possess her like at the end of MoM, and just curb-stomps him, 'cause let's be honest, Sora's just too OP for him... unless his level and skills have been reset, which is the norm at this point -_-
5/16 c38 jeremiahkelley93
great chapter.
5/16 c38 9Drake G. Reaper
It's been a while since he showed up but I think Luxu would probably either mess with or manipulate Orochimaru for his own uses. I think it would be pretty cool if Naruto got his own Keyblade even without Kairi helping I imagine it could be Kyuubi themed that would look pretty cool.
5/16 c38 6Jebest4781
Things are gonna get crazy soon enough
5/16 c38 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
5/16 c38 4Firetrail
The innuendo at the end…
5/12 c37 GuestWithIdeas
Finally got a chance to review. I say you’re getting better with the fight scenes, maybe a little more improvement but other than that not bad.
Now onto things I want to point out. Back in Ch. 35 when Jiraiya was lecturing Kairi about her being invincible and taking on the world by herself. While it’s a truth in its own right, I’m annoyed Kairi gets this talk but Naruto doesn’t. I guess what I’m getting at is Naruto should get a similar talk later in the story, because he needs it.
After rereading this chapter I have mixed feelings about Kairi having Mito’s seal. I just don’t understand why she needs it or why she even has it now. It’s like Sakura getting it at the end of the war, a red herring that popped up out of nowhere.
Now about Naruto getting a Keyblade, personally I’m against it. I don’t know how I can put it into words, but to me if people like Donald and Goofy who have been with Sora since the beginning aren’t Keyblade wielders than how can Naruto, just because he’s a main character in a story? I guess it also bothers me in KH stories especially crossovers just give Keyblades out like candy at Holloween. So yeah I don’t think Naruto should get a Keyblade. That’s all I got hope it helps.
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