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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

9/2/2021 c44 4Firetrail
Ah yes, Hisoka, Nux Taku’s spirit animal.
8/31/2021 c15 WarzPark
Who Is The Main Mc Here Naruto Kairi Or Sora If Ur Gonna Write A Naruto Story At Least Make Naruto Stronger Not Following Canon Whats The Point Of Fanfiction If U Cant Adjust It
8/31/2021 c14 WarzPark
Why Is Naruto So Fucking Weakkkkkkkk Cant You Make A Naruto Thats Like Minato Personality
8/30/2021 c8 4OdeClock
That little tease from Xigbar was a great choice. He's playing the Master's games alright. Kairi going all Uzumaki rag mode on Luxu was refreshing. Glad she was able to help out Naruto with her Keyblade powers. Sasuke still as egotistical as ever. Even Kairi could beat him at this stage (with great effort).
8/30/2021 c4 OdeClock
Everyone liked Tobi (Obito) better when he was funny and not a psycho, murdering, nihilist bent on total world domination. As for Kairi, glad she can still communicate with her Key friends. Also providence that she was able to talk with Tenten and before she was interrupted by her troublesome sensei and teammate. Guy and Lee really are headaches...no wonder Tenten assaults them from time to time.

Ansem and co are truly masters of technology to be able to keep communication going across worlds. This will also make it easier for them to keep track of Kairi and keep her informed about the search for Sora.
8/30/2021 c1 OdeClock
Exciting first chapter. Poor Kairi witnessing the death of her parents in this universe(s). It's bad enough her adoptive nan died and she couldn't see her one more time, but for her to witness the tragic attack on Konoha 15 years prior would be heartbreaking. Still as a Keyblade Wielder she should be able to travel to that world, just needs to get a little more training in before she leaves. Maybe?

Great advice Kushina! Kairi did find someone brave and strong like Minato, but also sadly lost him too. Hopefully she'll find him in the future and they can be together. As for Naruto, he didn't really listen...besides finding good friends to help him through his struggles.
8/30/2021 c44 3Justaguynobigdealallright
it's fine I get it getting distracted by a good series/game does that to you.
8/30/2021 c44 3bodyjaa
Keep the good work
8/30/2021 c44 20redlox2
i missed ya.

anyways i think Naruto was pretty smart to have Gamatatsu swallow Kairi's crystal and reverse summon himself to Mount Myokbuka. since nobody besides a summoner can bring them back
7/18/2021 c43 Librarian343
Hahaha! Thank you for the hair joke. Yes, we long hair voters won! I have a suggestion for Naruto getting a Keyblade, he gets a Keyblade, so does Sasuke, at the same time that they gets the Sage of the Six Path's Chakra. Or alternatively both he, Sasuke and Sakura gets a Keyblade each when they are fighting together as the new Sanin during the Fourth Great Ninja War. I can't wait to see Kairi using Sora's old Forms and going to town with every enemy that is near, please have either Orochimaru or Kabuto nearby and maybe get a taste of what Kairi can do. And now I'm very curious of the Door and what is inside it?
7/18/2021 c43 1naruto9001believeit
You seem to be taking an increasingly long time to submit chapters, which might have something to do with the amount of stories/side stories you're currently working on. No offense, but to be honest, I'm personally more interested in reading this story and "God of Shinobi, and the Goddess of Keyblades" (which I'm hoping you continue). Still, I'm a little nervous about you doing this filler arc; I barely remember anything from watching it years ago, and I just can't be bothered checking back on it again.

Assuming these crystals have a melting point of around 400 degrees like Crystal violet, Kairi's fire spell should have had an effect, since I'm pretty sure even low tier fire magic burns way hotter than regularly fire, if we're to believe the biggest feats of power shown in the KH series aren't THAT far apart from the more smaller feats, that is... if we ignore any of the numerous power level inconsistencies still, it seems to me that Kairi doesn't know how to properly regulate her magic; I still think it'd be perfect for Aqua to train her at some point in this story.

I was kinda hoping that when Kairi pushed Hinata out of the way, she'd also avoid it and Hinata would touch her Keyblade, inadvertently passing on the ability to wield one. Also, is Kairi gonna have access to all four kinds of Drive Forms. That seems kinda OP at this point. Maybe start with Wisdom?
7/17/2021 c43 4Firetrail
Ultima…. Such devastation! This was not my intention!
7/17/2021 c43 Darth revan1998
I am excited to see what happens next
7/17/2021 c43 20redlox2
I like the pun on the AN about Kairi hair lol.

The history of Tsunade and Mito was pretty good. We don’t see any of Moto except of Kushina canon flashback so backstory is pretty good. (Hashirama seems to have spoiled Tsunade while he was alive so seeing her grandmother is pretty good)

Nice ewe get to see naruto and the rest of team seven join the fight!
7/17/2021 c43 8Jebest4781
This was quite good and enjoyed how it went. Can't wait to see what'll occur next.
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