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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

7/17/2021 c43 2Zanark Sathanus
Sorry but I find it hard to like this story due to the fact that you are following with naruto growth of strength I had hope that Naruto would be able to wield a keyblade where he become stronger than his cannon self may be have aqua help him acquire his keyblade and train him but since you are following Shippuden cannon I have lost my interest one thing I have hated is Naruto personality and how Kishimoto tries his hardest to make Naruto look a lot weaker than Sasuke and Akatsuki especially the beginning of shippuden serious what was. Naruto doing in the three years time skip
6/25/2021 c42 2Loki921
Things are about to get good. Can’t wait for next chapter. Also I think Kairi with KH2 hair would be good. And as for Naruto with a Keyblade; I think it would be awesome, but later. It would give the siblings something more to bond over, like how he helped them with chakra now it’s their turn to help him. It would also make the eventual Sora vs Naruto fight a little more even. It could also give him a way to see Kairi if she does choose to leave; that way they won’t be truly apart.
6/20/2021 c42 1naruto9001believeit
Out of all Kingdom Hearts characters I believe should arrive first in the Shinobi world, Aqua would probably be the best candidate, and ONLY Aqua for the foreseeable future; best not to overwhelm the world of ninja's with too many powerful other worldly beings for a while.

I believe Aqua's role should be to train Kairi in the ways of the Keyblade; while it's good that she's improved her ability in utilizing chakra, her skills as a Keyblade wielder have barely improved at all.

After all that Aqua has experienced, including alone in the Dark World, I wouldn't be surprised if she was well above Kage level. In fact after her possession (becoming Anti-Aqua), and revisiting the Dark World with Terra and Ventus, this time with her original Keyblade, she's probably developed a high level of resistance to darkness and further improved her own skills. It'd be awesome to see her casting Zetta Flare using a Keyblade Transformation.

Also, didn't she also use chains to bind the Demon Tide?

It'd also be great to hear actual in-depth explanations on how the power system in Kingdom Hearts works (instead of just simply being to use it), such as how to utilize and strengthen the properties of magic, the ins and outs of mana (if you wanna call it that), what Focus is, how to achieve Formchanges, etc. I can see Aqua being an amazing mentor that's eager to finally impart her wisdom onto aspiring young fighters, one that Kairi deeply admires and fangirls over, waving glowsticks XD hell, despite not being Keyblade wielders, she could probably even teach the rookie ninja's a thing or two.

Which reminds me, I mentioned before how I think it's unnecessary to give Naruto a Keyblade; but one person that I believe deserves to wield one is Hinata. Kishi really dropped the ball with her consistently, on account of her apparently never seeming to have anything to show for herself in terms of skill throughout the entire series, despite her desire to be strong, and always being TOLD that she's strong. She's indeed strong of heart, which is important, but that doesn't mean it's okay for her to keep getting her ass kicked in practically every major fight she's in.
6/19/2021 c42 20redlox2
I feel like the you know is gonna hit the fan. If feel as much as naruto would be angry not being on the mission the only thing that would make it worst if his only true family Kairi being there without him. (And perhaps a hit hurt they did this intentionally behind his back.)
6/19/2021 c42 1theIrishWriter
I like the Riku section, it works here, (although I dislike his woe is me mind set in Kh2 and KH3D). I also find it funny that he worried by the element nations (what is the world called in this?).
Granted Kairi comparing Orochimaru to Xehanort does hit very close look at it now.
also the main man Jiminy back give advice.

I like the cut a ways to Naruto and the foreshadow what he going to be doing in this arc. also Sai, that sad that Naruto outsmarted you (in a filler arc as well)

okay I'm going to make a suggestion, you should have Naruto learn water release, but he uses it as away of keeping an eye on Kairi. you could do one sibling helps the other to learn what they know.
also you might think about how Naruto affect Kairi and how Kairi affects Naruto as the story processes, for example Naruto could make Kairi more aware of her physical strength, while Kairi could make Naruto think more when in every day situation.

also I like that Kairi is think about a defense against the crystal.
6/19/2021 c42 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
6/19/2021 c42 8Jebest4781
Doing quite well here on the details
6/14/2021 c41 SpeedMaster642
6/14/2021 c41 1theIrishWriter
... I kind of undecided about the Hair Style for Kairi, frankly I like her long hair in KH2, but her short hair in KH3 made sense, since long hair can be used as disadvantage in combat.
okay, so Orochimaru is trying to summon a Keyblade... well that should go swimming for him, it's like he already dark individual surrounded by dirges that follow him out of missguided before dying, or turn just as dark as himself, and it not like the Keyblade is magnet for heartless. I can already hear the screams. Frankly Orochimaru turning into a Heartless would be funny and terrifying.

okay I think it would funny, if he summoned the bloody thing, only for it 'nope out' of there and appear in front of either Naruto or Sasuke.
6/7/2021 c41 Guest
I think keep it short unless you plan on doing a timeskip
6/7/2021 c35 Naruto-DXD6996
OHHH GOD...I'm not looking forward to pervy sage's death for them both! Also to hell with duck butt Roku is waaaaayyy better in every aspect!
6/7/2021 c29 Naruto-DXD6996
I sure as hell am I'll admit it and I'm a dude!
6/7/2021 c28 Naruto-DXD6996
Hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehe oh naruto's poor reaction to this!
6/6/2021 c41 20redlox2
Well we did see Kairi in KH2 with long hair and I think a majority of the KH fandom thinks she looks more mature then when she cut in KH3. So I vote for her to havre hair as character development once she accepts it’s not one or the other. (She can both be an Uzumaki and Keyblade wielded)

And Orichimaru was wrong naruto did inherit something form Kushina. Her quantity of chakra. It’s been started that naruto overall compatibility with Kurama chakra is due to being Kushina child and a jinchuuiki

Okay so how does Yukimura (guessing he wa stay blonde with purple eyes kids that talked or naruto?) know about the Keyblade? As even Orichimaru apparently does not know?

Of god… please don’t do a twist where Yukimaru is somehow a Keyblade wielded.., it would just kinda ruined that an animal only minor character would be one but the second main character naruto is stick with his original Powers from canon…
6/6/2021 c41 fcchivas619
Hmmm maybe give her the KH2 hairstyle and by the end of the story have her with long hair.
Good chapter today! Can’t wait for the next one.
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