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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

5/10 c37 jeremiahkelley93
great chapter.
5/10 c37 geraldwhusted
Love that dream at the end, so sweet. I especially liked how it was done, mixing Konoha with Destiny Islands, very cool idea. Kairi being there has been changing the events of Naruto canon, but only a little. If Naruto gets a Keyblade, it would be a HUGE change! Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/10 c37 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Naruto EARNED his own keyblade? The scenario I randomly envisioned: Major attack is going on, Kairi is down with the enemy about to capture her. Naruto in lunge to try and stop them, looking like he is taking the hit. Then, with a clang, his keyblade materialized and clashes with the enemy? That would be epic. I can see him reverse wielding his blade like ventus did.
5/10 c37 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
5/10 c37 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Deciding whether or not to make Naruto a Key-bearer is a very big decision. I would personally like to see it happen towards the end of the story. It would be super helpful in the battle against Kaguya (-what with all her teleporting around from world to world), but I’m not too sure If it’s a good idea for other reasons. He would have extra duties on top of being Hokage which is something that he wants very badly. Maybe he could do it in the years before he takes up the hat, and then sorta retire like Yensid and train a protégé? I haven’t seen much of the new Boruto anime or manga, but what I have seen has convinced me that Himawari would make an excellent Keyblade master... Actually with the next generation in mind, the Elemental Nations would make an excellent place for a new Keyblade Academy!
5/9 c37 6Jebest4781
looked well here and can't wait to see what'll occur next
5/9 c37 19redlox2
Can i just say? It’s pretty ironic (although Kairi won’t know about this)

Kairi chose to not (at least right) perform the Keyblade inheritance ceremony because she was worried to would change naruto future. Aqua (her ‘’master’/unintended predecessor) made a similar argument (as implied in game and confirmed by Nomaru) about passing the power of the Keyblade to Sora because she didn’t want Riku and Sora to fight.

But it’s implied to have actually had a arguable negative effect as Sora ended up losing the Keyblade to Riku for awhile since he was not a true wielder.

Who knows if Kairi decision to not at least give the option will have consequences in the future?

Anyways l was abit disappointed that Kairi was not more amazed about naruto jutsu (although I will grant she did seem abit jealous when talking to Namine).
5/6 c36 OneYuTriSlayers
thanks for replying back to but can't use link to reply back because I can't login back in though the link because forgot password. It's cool I just thought you where going for 3 out 3 with the Kairi stories.
5/4 c36 OneYuTriSlayers
I have a question for you one that I be meaning to ask ever since you started both of this stories but waited until I see you do it or not. So seeing how you have two stories one where Kairi is the sister of Naruto and the other being Kairi being the daughter of Naruto are you planning on doing a Naruto x Kairi pairing story? Because after reading both of these stories which are both good I am interested in seeing a Kairi x Naruto story.
5/3 c17 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
The rookie 11? Neji, tenten, lee, ino, shikamaru, choji, hinata, shino, kiba and his dog akamaru... probably sai is with them as well? I personally never thought of sai as one of the rookies, since he was from Root.
5/3 c36 6Jebest4781
hey it's quite alright on not being good on fight scenes. take your time on them
5/2 c36 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
5/2 c36 19redlox2
I remember the scene in the anime/manga when naruto says his wind would the perfect way to assist fire with his wind (which is proven in the 4th war when his Rasen-shuriken with his Blaze style)

Very nostalgic!

Okay I liked you adding naruto musing on Kairi water nature. In a sense they compliment each other (as wind can increase the force of water and allow it to push through fire even if fire is enchanted with wind).

Yeh fights scenes are pretty good. I skim through them as it’s not my fave part of the story but I liked them.

I like how Deidera like in canon warned the rest about both naruto and Kairi (it’s a nice throw back where naruto isn’t just put to the sideline. He is also getting a knowledge about his accomplishments)
4/30 c16 alicenightshade1
I don't like pink but I have nothing against those who do like it I have personal reasons to dislike it
4/29 c35 6Koren Flashblade
I like Kairi's way to use the Rasengen, it sutes her. The fight to come with her and the Heartless in the mix, should be very intressting.
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