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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

3/16 c31 4Haxorus knight
Suddenly Sasuke being whipped by Kairi comes to mind...
3/14 c31 Darth revan1998
Can't wait to read more
3/12 c8 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Ya’know I always figured that Luxu was the Traitor, and the Master of Masters knew. That’s why he didn’t give him a copy of the Book of Prophecies, but also acted like he trusted Luxu the most (what better way to keeping said traitor from realizing they had already be found out?). The one the MoM truly trusted the most was Ava. He Knew she was the only one who would realize Luxu was up to know good, and wouldn’t be tricked like the rest of the Fortellers. Also, you should totally have Sora and Naruto fight. I for-see them completely wrecking the surrounding landscape while onlookers mutter how the two of them are Monsters/Tanks/ Beasts... would be cool if it ended with a tie.
3/12 c14 fyrefly1998
Just a bit of constructive criticism: you don't really handle suspicion well. It's not just your problem, I've seen it with quite a few fanfic authors. When a character is told something they wouldn't normally believe, they spend a line or two being totally disbelieving but immediately transition into acceptance. It's a hard thing to get right, but you can try to turn it into a more gradual process of coming to terms with the fact that the unbelievable is the truth.
3/12 c12 fyrefly1998
I think you're really underselling Kairi here. She's not as powerful as Sora, Riku, Aqua or the other masters, but she's had a while to practice with her power. Even though she's sick there's no reason she should run out of mana after a few first-level spells when she's shown to be capable of casting fourth-level spells, and while it's good that she respects Kakashi's power she shouldn't feel inferior to him: she's seen what a keybearer can really do from Sora and the others, all she really needs is more time and practice.
3/10 c31 8The Keeper of Worlds
Loving this so much! And I’m pretty sure even Sakura never learned Naruto almost got his heart pierced, but lost a lung instead. That won’t be a pretty thing.
3/10 c31 GuestWithIdeas
I like that you kept Roxas and Xion’s contempt towards Ansem and Evan. They might be trying to atone but they hurt a lot of people, especially these kids, I just hope Roxas and Xion can forgive them in time.
Naminae is such a sweetheart, feeling nothing but empathy for Naruto the instant she saw his memories. Though this got me wondering, if Naminae went into Naruto’s mindscape and encountered Kurama what would she feel towards him? I hope she feels just as much empathy for the Fox as she does towards Naruto. She knows what it’s like to be trapped in a cage and being used, so I think she could relate to Kurama, especially if she saw his memories.
If you do this I hope Naminae helps Naruto and Kari realize that Kurama’s a victim just as much as they are. It’s easy to forget that more often than not the Biju’s lives suck. Their constantly sealed away, used as weapons of war, and constantly attacked in the past. Kurama is a prime example of if people see you as a monster sooner or later you’ll believe them and become one. With Namine’s help that might change.
The girls know that Sasuke nearly killed Naruto in the past. This is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back and I’m guessing Kairi’s going to confront Naruto about this and maybe Kakashi and Sakura. I’m all for this because again whether you love or hate Sasuke’s overall character you can’t deny that his relationships with people are incredibly toxic. Course the problem with being in toxic relationships most people don’t know it until some outside force opens the victim’s eyes.
Course I can see Naruto arguing against abandoning Sasuke because Kairi is willing to do anything to save Sora. Whether Naruto remembers their are a lot of different circumstances surrounding Sora and Sasuke or not will have to be seen.
Though this would be great development for Naruto. I can’t remember where I found this on Fanfiction but one writer shared their thoughts on the Naruto series on their homepage and they stated that why Naruto’s so compelled to save Sasuke is because of Iruka. Iruka was their for Naruto when the whole Nine-Tailed Fox bombshell was dropped at the beginning of the series, so Naruto feels that he can be the Iruka for someone else if that makes sense. Well that became a ramble hope it helps.
3/10 c31 Exia Zero
Great chapter and please update whenever you can. Also I for one thought the dominatrix Kairi thing was hilarious when it first showed up but I actually want to see Naruto's reaction to it, he'll most likely beat the crap out of any guy that sees it. Looks like Sasuke is going to learn a very painful lesson in the future and that is NEVER piss of a female Uzumaki especially one that is the daughter Red Hot Habanero of the Leaf/Red Death to others. I wonder if you'll give Naruto a Keyblade in the future but if you do I think his Keyblade should be Oathkeeper because of his strong heart, his ideal of never breaking promises, and his bond with Kairi and Namine.
3/10 c31 1vivian777
Wait... dominatrix Kairi is coming back. Oh shit. I’m just goin to build a anti dominatrix shelter for me and for anyone innocent from her wrath.

Great chapter! Is dominatrix Kairi will be doing the same pain for Sasuke?
3/10 c31 19redlox2
Aw this naruto/Namine and Naruto/Namine chapter (as siblings) was super cute! Even the minor mentions of Namine and Kairi was also cute!

So I am guessing only Namine can appear directly in naruto mindscape/heart because of her connection to memories and Kairi? It’s not some power all Keyblade welders can do on the fly?

Well I guess the troll who hated Dominatriax Kairi will be in alfor a joy ride when she returns

I felt like this chapter finally let Kairi and naruto put down their guard and not be the “strong” one the other expects. They can finally just be Kairi and naruto siblings who were apart and together again.

And Namine calling naruto big brother was icing on the cake.
3/10 c31 6Jebest4781
this was good and in the upcoming confrontations with Sasuke, a number of things will need to be addressed like Naruto being obsessed with bringing Sasuke back for Sakura is not healthy, let alone wanting to forgive him. sure Riku was redeemed on his actions but the Uchiha is a different story
3/10 c31 Bluzerker
Um you do what you do to handle trolls I guess. Just a fair warning tho, don’t give them attention or fuel to do so. But it’s just my opinion, good luck on your endeavors.
3/6 c30 Librarian343
Oh shit! I hope you and your family and friends are okay. Take time to stay warm, safe and healthy. We can wait. Love the chapter, I loved how Sora had that conversation with Kairi's Mum (I'm Aussie and that is how we spell and pronounce Mom) and that she gave Sora her blessing and that he told her his plan to free her husband. I forgot to mention how I love the ending of the previous chapter that Namine meets and getting a hug from her Mum, Kushina and that Kushina called Namine her daughter. I'm glad to see the using the chakra with the Keyblade idea is taking form. Take care of yourself and your family and friends too.
3/4 c30 GuestWithIdeas
Well good luck with the snow, I’m from the northern states so I know what an insane amount of snow can do to you. Is it weird that when Joshua said he was going to act like a lawyer I imagined him and Sora wearing suits and going to a court room? For some reason that made me laugh.
I really don’t know how to feel about Sora meeting Kishina, on the one hand it was nice to see them talk and Kushina gave her blessing, but her threat seemed unnecessary to me. I guess I’m tired of people using the “girls family will never approve of her boyfriend” cliche. Like I said in a review Naruto and his folks have no real reason to criticize Sora giving everything he’s done for Kairi. I know you’re showing the love they have for Kairi but I don’t think this is the way to go about it.
Though if theirs anyone that has the right to criticize it’s Kari’s adopted family back at the Islands. They raised Kairi for at least ten years, so I can see them having something to say if Naruto thinks Kairi should move to the Ninja World to live with him.
Not to mention it would give Naruto a taste of his own medicine. Kari’s adopted family thinks his home and by extension Naruto himself isn’t safe for Kairi. I know it might be a long time before going back to the Islands but it’s Kairi’s home and it’s unfair that Kari has to adjust to her brother’s life but he doesn’t adjust to hers.
I did like that you brought up Sasuke and the fact Kairi saw similarities between him and Riku but also herself. But as you mentioned their are stark differences, Kairi may want revenge on Tobi for killing her parents, but she’s primarily protecting her brother, that’s a dig difference. As for Riku, he was manipulated by Maleficent and believed her. Sasuke was told the truth and chose revenge that wasn’t needed ( another difference between the two).
All in all great work I’m looking forward to Kairi’s progress and just because I saw this in “Lost Leaf” ignore the flamers they feed off of any acknowledgement.
2/24 c30 2Loki921
I’m glad that your alright and I hope that things stay warm.
This was a great chapter. I’m glad to see Kairi’s development and can’t wait to see Sora’s when it comes time.
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