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for Protecting the Family I Never Knew

2/24 c30 1theIrishWriter
No Comment on the Snow,

okay one thing about this Chapter, that I have an issue with, in regards to how the Villagers are shown reaction to Naruto and Kairi, based on the point in the plot, Naruto should be met with indifferent (oh he a person, not he not there) or even positively (wait that Lord Jiriaya's student).
it stated in one of the Light Novels, that most of the Village were feed lies (on Donzou's order), that have been disproved, by Naruto actions and the actions of others. for example Naruto not tearing Neji apart, and him been shown to have control of the Nine tails and his 'Refusing to use, until he had to' all during the Chuunin Exam

yes I'm aware that it's just a single Couple, but seem to be used to show the 'Norm' in how Naruto is treated by the Village.

Moving on, why do I get the feeling that Kushina and Minato are going to b revived? not to say that I dislike that Idea, granted Minato showing up in the aftermath of the Invasion of pain (or near of the end of it) would resolve a couple of issues

to be clear, I like Kushina and Minato as Characters and are of the opinion that more there should of been more of them in the series.
2/24 c30 2Moto Akira
I feel your pain I live in Texas as well and I hate it every moment of that winter storm, I hope we won't have to go through that again. Also glad to see this Story chapter Uploaded.
2/24 c30 OneYuTriSlayers
Is Sora going to get the other half of Kurama?
2/24 c30 2Kyuubi-kun45
I know exactly how you feel cause I too live in Texas. The Coastal Bend area to be specific.
2/23 c30 8ShootToMiss
Texan here. I feel your pain. I have... opinions on that last statement in your rant, but this isn’t the place for it. We’re here for fictional stories and our favorite characters, so let’s leave the intense science debates for a reddit page.

I had no idea you were writing both “Kairi related to naruto” fics. I didn’t spot your name at first. You do well to keep everyone in character in both stories and Kairi’s arcs in both develop naturally. Though both follow a similiar idea, they’re different enough to not feel like they’re retreading each other- even Kairi’s character journeys feel different. Besides Kairi’s OOC moment at the end of chapter 28, they’re very good reads. I hope to see more soon.
2/23 c30 Panther-Strife
It's not Global Warming, it's the God's that is making it snow in your part of Texas. Also what will happen to the Nine tails that was sealed with Minato in the Reaper? Also it's nice that Kairi is imagining what it be like if she was raised along side with Naruto.

Also I still see Naruto having a dark heart and him meeting Vanitas when he was younger, and Vanitas bequeath his Keyblade to little Naruto, also the Eye and the Book of Prophecies from the Master of Masters might not know about Naruto, which means Naruto is defying fate once again.
2/23 c30 8The Keeper of Worlds
Great update and sorry you had to deal with all that mess. I have family down in Texas myself so I know from them it was shit.
2/23 c1 Guest
- Kairi could barely believe what she heard, "Why would he do this?"

"He wants revenge?"

"Against who?" Kairi asked.

"His brother."

Kairi gave him another confused look.

"When Sasuke was a kid, his brother killed his entire clan, including his parents," Naruto explained. Earning a horrified look from Kairi, "Sasuke never got over it. When our team first got together, he said he was going to kill 'a certain someone.'"

Kairi could imagine why someone would be upset over that, but revenge?-

Seriously?! Someone who just witnessed their entire immediate family and extended family get murdered and you're surprised to hear that this person wants revenge?!

If witnessing one's clan being murdered doesn't warrant revenge, then what does?!
2/23 c30 3Crazzytony
Another great chapter keep up the good work and lol.
2/23 c30 6Jebest4781
this was quite enjoyable and can't wait to see the next entry when possible
2/23 c30 19redlox2
Sorry about all the stuff that happened in Texas. I hope it gets better soon or at least evens out.

For the chapter I mostly liked as I feel a lot of the chapters tend to kinda push naruto and Kairi getting some wholesome simple moments for the side for the sake of plot. This one in the chapter made me smile.
2/20 c28 8ShootToMiss
I think a freelance cop duo once said it best.

Sam: Well...

Max: Let's never do THAT again.

It's a good story for the most part, but that... that was just uncomfortable.
2/16 c29 Michael Gillespie
Hm, I'm curious if Namine's Keyblade has to do with her connection to Kairi, or if it's her own hearts power. Maybe it has to do with Kairi not quite awakening her Keyblade yet, but still being a future Keyblade Wielder thanks the the accidental Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony done by Aqua.

Maybe because Namine's conception came when Kairi still couldn't wield her Keyblade, she didn't have instant access to a Keyblade, like Roxas with Sora. Maybe because Kairi hadn't quite obtained her Keyblade, Namine had to go through her own Station of Awakening, unlike Roxas, who got it instantly. This sounds plausible.
2/7 c29 1theIrishWriter
I'm also not Crying, I had just finished a run, when reading Namine's Section of this chapter.

okay first, I don't know how to feel about Kairi's Kink, it seem a little force, and yes I get that it's Naruto's having a effect on Kairi, that okay - However Kairi doesn't seem to have an effect on Naruto, although if it turned out that Naruto has some kind of lock/Seal that prevent him from going all out against Sasuke, because of SO6P, that Naruto is forced to break though due to Kairi.

also a suggesting, the Uzumaki are the descendants of a group of keyblade master/Warriors and Naruto gains an ancient Uzumaki Keyblade.

In Regards to Namine, that kind of how I expect Kushina to react, My head Canon is that she and Minato were planing (wanted) a large of Family (my Head canon is that Minato was orphan). all we need now is for Kairi, Namine, Naruto and Kushina all to met.

okay are the movies going to happen, because I wonder how Kairi would react to the time travel one and meeting Minato (young)
2/7 c29 GuestWithIdeas
Okay I’ll admit I didn’t care for Kari going down THAT route at the end of the last chapter, you gave a reason for it and I can swallow that, just don’t do that again.
So Kari might be getting some pointers from Asuma. Not a bad turn out, though I wonder if Tenten could help out.
Now for the big moment, Namine met her mom, she really needed that. Though I’m with Roxas and Xion I want to punch Ansem and Evan right now. I can’t help but wonder what Naruto’s going to do when he gets a better idea about what Namine’s been through, probably one of the rare moments where him and Roxas can agree on something. All in all great work.
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