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for How To Get Knocked Up(Minus the Knocking)

7/15 c3 Redboat
Good story.
6/14 c3 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more: have u see Noelle and Molly livestream for BLM organization and a bunch of people asked Noelle to draw what Catra and Adora's baby would look like Noelle says their name is Finn, and they are non-binary i do not know if they are canon but Noelle is the creator of the show so i think it is pretty high it is canon
5/31 c3 Allyon
Thank you for the story
5/31 c1 gaara.sallivan
I realy Like it ! pls more
5/29 c3 darta.ivane21
This is so cool and cute. I love it. Please keep going. I'm on a she-re comic streak but I have to admit this is one of the best ones I've found. The characters are written well. I adore it (pun intended).
5/25 c3 Guest
Oh this was a treat to read xD
5/26 c3 Reeval
I like the story so far, the characters seem pretty much in character and i hope to see some light drama in the future from this one
5/26 c1 3T0mT0m
Pls continue the storyyyy
5/23 c3 Guest
I need more. Next time can you make it longer pls?
5/24 c3 3SurvivorOfMaasDestruction
Can't remember if I did this yet but hehehe stuffs about to go down
5/23 c3 DragonWarrior318
Cool. Excited for more.
5/23 c3 2FreckledTakoyaki
This was hilarious! Good work!
5/23 c3 4CalvinFujii
AWKWARD! Well, at least until Bow and Glimmer start cooing and being a loving aunt and uncle to baby Dare.
5/21 c1 Tom
I loved the plot. And Entrapta was just perfect "hey I made you a clone without asking. do you like it?" and Hordak just the middle class parent with sleep depravation. PLS make more chapters.
5/22 c2 6Not Bobo
Another good chapter.

It really was an ADVENTURE~
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