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for Harry and Merope to the Rescue

8/20 c39 fortinpatric
Une autre belle histoire
7/25 c9 11SavageViper
I've read this story and it's prequel several times. I love it, though it is rather short. Harry and Merope is a pairing the world of fanfiction needs more of.
5/31 c37 BillBrink
Didn't you mention that Snape had previously died with the others?
BTW, I really like your story. I hate wimpy Harry fics and am enjoying this version. Thanks for sharing it.
5/24 c39 guest
Thanks very much for the wrap-up and for posting the story.
5/24 c37 guest
Lovely outcome except for Arthur, who I wish had come out better.

Your take on Dumbles is spot on! I've thought for years that if canon be considered Truth, then Dumbles just ~had~ to have been spelling and/or potioning the whole staff of Hogwarts plus any number of people outside it, and doing so for decades. ~None~ of the faculty or staff (except Pince) did his job competently and conscientiously. Let's hope St. Mungo's was able to detect and purge all the effects on the adults, though personally I'd have had both medics and Curse-Breakers look at the whole Hogwarts population right down to the ghosts, portraits, elves, familiars, plants, and the very stones of the castle (DADA-position curse, allowed to last for decades).

No abused kid was ever even given comprehensive medical exams or Healing, let alone taken away from abusive parents or guardians - TMR, Snape, HP, and Neville are just the relatively major examples, indicating that less well known characters had also to have been abused and that less egregious examples of abuse also existed and were equally ignored. And, no effort at all was ever made to curb the rampant bullying, from at least Myrtle's time all the way through Luna's. (I do think that Snape's loathing of the whole Potter gang for their seven years of relentless torture was entirely rational, though its extension to HP definitely was not.)
5/24 c31 guest
Ohhhhhh, yes! Dumbles dead! And please, may no one be able to see Snape for the dust of his passing: free at last, free at last...!
5/24 c23 guest
Heh. Let's see Dumbles wriggle out of this one.
5/24 c14 guest
Interesting to see a different Walburga. One could postulate that the Horcrux, acting over years, could have driven the canonical W. insane. More power to yours! Maybe she can spike both Fudge and the Toad.
5/24 c4 guest
Good catch that godfather-Black could not have betrayed the Potters and lived: bad plot hole in canon given the importance of oaths, since magicals would know that. I do hope that your Black and Lupin are decent, unlike their canonical selves.
5/24 c3 guest
This Mad-Eye now knows about Dumbles & can't be fooled; good! Ditto that the Wand is gelded and the Cloak removed.
5/24 c1 guest
Starting this even though the first one turned out rather disappointing - not terrible, just not too great. Sorry I can't find the words to explain more; I know I haven't told you enough to help.

The current talk of "pranks" and lauding of the Marotters (perfect sobriquet from Alethea27) disturbs me greatly. "Pranksters" are nothing but bullies (torturers) almost always; certainly the canonical James Potter gang members were.
5/23 c39 14AnAnya Contd
fantastic story!
12/7/2022 c25 midnightscar17
It would be summer of 1983.
HP was born in july of '81 and the incident happened in fall of '82. So you would be expecting it to be ready in summer of '83
11/18/2022 c20 Guest
THANK YOU so much for (possibly) redeeming Crouch least showing his real conflicting feelings here. With magicals like him, Madam Bones & Miss Hestia Jones in the Original Series, I just feel as if the War effort on all fronts might have been very different to some degree. They are some of my favorite background like characters in Harry Potter & I felt a bit bad for Crouch Sr even though he crossed a clear line that he had distinctly drew when it came to the Light & Dark. War creates men like Crouch Sr & the confliction of love & attachments can drive them mad to the point of perverse actions. Hope that you redeemed him in this story of yours (which I'm loving by the way).
9/2/2022 c39 Eldersprig
caveats: Amelia Bones not mentioned even once. Rita Skeeter writes ALL the articles? was Dumbledore's portrait a horcrux?
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