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for FINAL FANTASY XV: Journey in Remnant

10/23 c3 Mans
Still waiting, still hoping
10/20 c3 1Arkham Knight22
I can't wait to see what happens next!

please another update!
10/12 c3 Guest2
Amazing chapter
10/1 c5 Mans
Nice chapter, waiting for more. Also, don't forget that Noct here is younger, I think as a character he would be more impulsive or something, but in any case, sooner we'll get next chapter, it would be better)
9/30 c5 Starwing1995
how about a FF7R and FF15 story where Noctis and his friends join AVALANCHE and find Luna in the Sector 5 church alive
10/1 c5 2Vein Bloodborne
Things are going to get interesting.
9/30 c5 1keybladelight
That was a cool chapter love the dentention the beat down of team CRDL and how you have made gladiolus remember noct of some of the brotherhood anime and stella and cor and king Regis has appear which give me new idea I will tell you in the PM but very good chapter in gonna help you on the next chapter.

That give me a idea for a okame since the 31st October his ruby birthday it will not be canon in the main story but now I got the idea.
9/30 c5 Nicole Marie Nacu
When I saw ur updates was now fresh, I'll go "YES . YES. YES. rapidly tapping my phone
9/30 c5 7Helljumper206
Now this is something I didn't see coming at all.
9/30 c5 TimeTrixx
Oooo nice new chapter
9/16 c2 Guest
Okay you need some sace the sentences becuse its kinda hard when its clumbered up okay anyways good job.
9/7 c4 Mans
Welcome back. Waiting for the new chapter!)
9/5 c3 A Fan
Please do not drop this. This is like the fourth or fifth fic with this amazing premise. However they were all dropped and discontinued. Please do not revive my hopes only to shatter them before my very eyes. In otherwords; this is amazing, please do not stop writing this. Thank you.
9/6 c2 Astral chronicles
This story could be good but the wall text are a huge turn off.
9/6 c4 Nicole Marie Nacu
I'm glad you're well and refreshing! And I still pathiently waiting for your chapter.

Both my excitments and enthusiastics gets the better of me...
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