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for Jake Long: The American Dragon

7/1 c11 Guest
This was so good can’t wait to see what part these characters have in your universe
6/29 c11 11OMAC001
Love the story so far! Danger Watch seems like a awesome anthology in the making!
6/24 c10 13James95
Okay, when she took him into the closet, I was like "She's playing you, Jake".
So, Brad's also one of them. This might be interesting and, in this story, you really seem to play on the cult angle.
I gotta say school is going to be weird for them.
Let's hope someone's qualified to do some deprogramming.
From all this, I wonder if you're going to go and do something about how governing most of a continent might be a tad stressful for Jake. Maybe even see other countries' dragons.
6/14 c6 Guest
I hope to see jake a rose together
6/11 c1 2omnismith
This is really really good. You are able to capture the feel of the show. It truly feels like watching a new episode. It's very impressive.
6/4 c4 Sando
I love the message in the notes as a white male I know I will never truly understand what some people go through but I stand with everything you’ve said black lives matter. ( also another great chapter ) :)
5/26 c3 Guest
Really enjoying this keep it up :)
5/28 c3 13James95
Honestly, I can really see the work you've put into this and I like it.

You've set up a good beginning, easing us into the story a little easier than the original series, you've given Lao shi some emotional baggage with failed attempts in this chapter and, whilst you've attempted to replicate the mannerisms, it's a little nice to have Jake not go into Vanilla Ice territory like in season 1.

Your paragraphing is good but you could vary your sentence a bit because your structure shows who is the focus of the paragraph. You may also want to break down sentences a bit. Key bit of advice; if you have to take a breath when reading a sentence out loud, it may need to be split in two.

Overall, I like this. I do hope you do a little of Jake's school life and I can't wait to see what you bring going forth.
5/25 c2 Leonardo
Do you know NeoMark? He is writing a very good story based on the confrontation of Jake Long and Danny Phantom in "Death Battle".
5/22 c1 Leonardo
Interesting project yours, I wish you good luck.
Will Kim Possible be in your universe? It would be nice for her to have a romantic relationship with Danny Fenton.

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