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for Thrawn Effect

7/1 c1 Guest
DAMIT only 6 chapters. well, I hope it continues now that covid is winding down.
5/26 c6 4Monster King
4/23 c6 SaymyName
Are you still going to update this story?
4/21 c5 Germanspeaker
Can I use your idea for my own fanfiction? I think your fanfic is realy good and I want writte it with some of my own ideas.
4/10 c6 Germanspeaker
I think you make a grate job with Thrawn. I like this story and I hoppe that you still writte. It gives many good fanfiction where the author stop writting.
3/2 c6 edeath756
I understand cant wait to see more of thrawn in action
2/27 c2 Guest
Plasteel armor is against blasters as it cools and redirects energy
And it is really weak to blunt attacks so a shotgun to the face is gonna make a person unconscious
1/24 c6 peterg1254
While short this story is surprisingly interesting
12/18/2020 c6 Axza95
Take your time, this is enjoyable.
12/13/2020 c3 Uchiha
I cant wait and see when the Illusive man meets Thrawn and the empire.
12/1/2020 c5 HelpingHand
I’m liking this story and excited to see Thrawn take over the galaxy. I can’t wait to see the STG bang their heads on walls when they have to deal with Thrawn. I wonder if Omega will actually put up a fight, Aria does say no one can take Omega from her but Cerberus did and she’s never met someone like Thrawn.

I’ve read some fanfics where there are twin Shepherds so it would be interesting if they were separated on Mindoir and one went to the Alliance while the other went to the Empire. Once they are more widely known are people going to flock to the Empire because people are sick of their own governments. Like the turians had their unification war and the asari founded Illium to get away from the Republics but got roped back in. So many would want to get out of the status quo.

If Thrawn is only using Eezo for personal shields (maybe artificial biotics or communication buoys) he should use it for something else like a mass relay gun. He doesn’t need the mass relays so he can find a deactivated pair that have no value and take them apart to understand how they work. He could build a mass relay gun above and below the solar disk of the solar system so he has full coverage of a solar system. He should have it built inside a golem station so no enemy can board it and if someone is going to capture it then blow it up. Don’t let your own weapons be turned against you.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
11/3/2020 c6 Guest
A very good fic, I am awaiting the council's reaction
11/5/2020 c6 Angery Katte
Bruh, we could use some more BSG material. I'd support you there.
10/30/2020 c6 8FractiousDay
Good but you concentrate too much on the higher levels. You don’t necessarily need to get into thrawn’s mind, you can present what he does instead and deal with other characters. You’ve proceeded very quickly, unnecessarily quickly imo but there you go
10/28/2020 c6 battlecruiser03
Take your time.
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