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2/28 c12 1ninja.girl2781
if you are able to, please update soon. it is an interesting story and I want more.
11/17/2021 c12 14LStarrunner
I enjoy your naming and nicknaming style very much. "Green Bean"! <3 And you are doing a lovely job of building the network of relationships: Cara and Din, Paz and Bryn and their kids, Sabine and Ezra, and all the familial bonds. Thank you for writing the whole clan: it is unique to you. Aliit ori'shya tal'dinfamily is more than blood.
11/16/2021 c12 192Virodeil
Yeah. Many feels. I was kinda surprised big-guy Paz didn't attempt to suppress his. But then, Mandos seem to be all right with letting out emotions, eh? Different cultures, different expectations, different habbits. Never thought Paz would be such a discerning cook, too. :) Cute. What Cara and Din has, too. Thank you for not rushing it just for the sake of romance. I don't usually like romance, but I'm all right with friends-to-lovers or slow burn... minus explicit scenes. I was surprised Jos had to prove she's an adult to her beau, though. Aren't they age peers? Isn't she going to be secondary armourer to the tribe? Where did she forge Kiri's helmet, by the way? There's no forge in the safehouse, no? And, speaking of the safehouse, how come people don't notice there are Mandos living there, even if the house seem to be secluded as it seems from the descriptions? (Now I got an appetite to write a naturalistic mansion, too! And this, with my plate *still* overflowing... :groan:)
In any case, thank you for writing and posting this!
11/14/2021 c11 Virodeil
A nice ceremony and symbolism. A nice progression of Din-and-Cara's relationship, as well. Now I wonder if Alec will win the bet.
I look forward to what your Bo will be like. She is quite the headstrong person. She is not a character I like; but, for an antagonist, she is well-nuanced, and I can really respect that. A grey character makes for an interesting story and oftentimes a good one.
Thank you for writing and posting this story so far, and I wish you luck with further updates. :)
11/13/2021 c9 Virodeil
Nice. I am glad the story diverges so much from canon. :) Now I wonder where Bo-Katan is... if Koska is here... and where Axe is, for that matter. Hmm. So many questions, still. Thank you for the return of Bryn's 'human' side, in any case. :)
11/13/2021 c8 Virodeil
Touching... and at last! LOL And Grogu broke it by wanting to eat. Quite a toddler thing to do.
I look forward to how the tribe will welcome Grogu, after the rather cool reception of Bryn's when Din found out how his tribe got decimated. It was understandable, though, that time; she was grieving, and he was no better.
11/13/2021 c6 Virodeil
Eh. A Jedi Knight? Ezra was taught by Caleb/Kanan, no? And Caleb was a Padawan when Order-66 happened and never got to finish his studenship till knighthood? I could be wrong, though. I am not familiar with most of Star Wars universe, whether canon or expanded universe. But if this is true, then how could he teach Ezra till knighthood? Did he modify things, especially since the Jedi Order is practically extinct anyway? This is interesting.
I like it that the Armourer is quite humanised and personalised here. I look forward to more of her, though I admit I don't look forward to more of Ahsoka. Just personal preference...
11/13/2021 c4 Virodeil
Ah. So Din himself wants to retake Mandalore? This changes things. He seemed reluctant to do so, in canon. He didn't know either about the Darksabre. Now I really wonder what's in store...
11/13/2021 c2 Virodeil
Whoa! The Armourer and Paz! Never expected that. 8 children, no less. Hmm, the six-year-old she mentioned belongs to her, then? But, on another note, why Din Djarin and not Din Vizsla? Someone nearly blurted Din Vizsla, so the change shouldn't have been old, so why? So intriguing.
11/12/2021 c1 Virodeil
Lovely beginning. I was torn with the Armourer, given the quest Din got to undertake, returning Grogu to 'his kind'. This is already way better than canon. I hope you aren't just following canon, though.
10/21/2021 c2 1KEVIN DANIELS
so essentially a zoom meeting
7/20/2021 c11 Annie Manasco
You are awesome. I was afraid you'd dropped this story when I didn't see any new posts for so long...i had a story ready to go but Luke showing up in the last Mando blew the idea out of the water (and left me drop-jawed for 2 weeks) so I know how things can go thru major adjustments until reaching the "eh, screw it, what I did was fine...its MY s.w. universe, after all!" type deal.

Anyway, I love this story, and the effort you put in isn't for nothing. I anxiously await more!
3/2/2021 c9 IzyBEE
Awwwwwwwww loved this chapter! keep up the good work 3
3/1/2021 c8 IzyBEE
update plz
2/2/2021 c4 26Lisa Smithers
THE HAMILTON LINE! Oh that made me so happy.
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