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for Save A Horse, Drive A Mustang

8/16 c1 2Francesca Salazar
Love it!
6/10 c1 4writerella
Yey! I like it :)
6/8 c1 spacekitten2700
6/2 c1 miteymom
Sweet ! Thanks.
5/25 c1 leftyred
This is perfect! Thank you for writing it.
5/24 c1 2rindy713
That was wonderful! I love it! Great closing lines, too.
5/22 c1 2trueserendipity73
Awesome story! Thank you for sharing it with us. You portrayed Bobby's internal struggle to articulate his feelings so well. It was very Bobby! Glad Maddie recommended you and this story to me. Hope to see more from you soon and will also read your other stories.
5/22 c1 5Poetfades2black
Exactly how I'd imagine their end to be after his work with Gryson. Aww I love it. Sweet without being too sugary.
5/22 c1 5maddiemarch
LOVE THIS! This is just the sweetest story ever. I read it once and then read it another three times lol. I hung onto every word each time, savored them. This is so them and so perfect. I would have given anything to see this scene in that last episode. You are so skilled at writing these characters! Every piece of dialogue is bang on and in their voice. I'm so envious. Alex's last line is amazing! It made me smile so widely. I can just picture them driving off somewhere together in his Mustang, holding hands. So sweet. I'm so honoured that my story inspired you because your story just made my day my friend! Thank you!
5/22 c1 CALUPA69
Beautiful. Please explore this continuing story deeper. For whatever reason this was the only one of the L&O series that steered completely away from personal relationships.
5/22 c1 Maryrose1123
Sweet. And it made me smile.

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