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for Knowing Something is Not Knowing at All

5/22 c1 Saartje-13
I liked it, but yeah, I don't mind much the fact that they made Reno not recognizing the sword. What really bothered me, though, was how they tried to make the fight against Reno seem so easy to Cloud, even in final fight with the five of them (3 x 2). Reno is second in hand to the Turks, they shouldn't make him look as a weakling. Anyway, it was a fun reading!
5/22 c1 derekctomlinson
after beating up reno to a inch of his life tifa could be seen hissing shouting yelling at her boyfriend cloud and girlfriend aeris why the hel was reno doing in one of our stories is his picture on the picture part of this story no my picture is
5/22 c1 10Angelalex242
Poor old Reno doesn't realize Cloud could kick his ass as a frog. watch?vZ3F8DyEOHzs&t62s
5/22 c1 Guest
reno needs to button up his damn shirt. hes not a piece of meat for dirty fujos.

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