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for Coveting Unspoken Truth

10/21 c11 1medici.cathry.fan
Wow ! I just finished to read it and this is AMAZING ! ️I can’t wait for this proposal !
9/3 c9 Yogurtime
Yay! You’re back! This was perfect. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
9/2 c9 medici.cathry.fan
I love this so much ! They are both so cute ! I love the way they let go in ParisPoor Alan... fortunately Megan was there ️
8/23 c8 7WhitmanFrostFiend
I’m sooooo ready for that trip to Paris! I love how you’ve taken your time in this story to let their relationship develop and build it up with important memories.
7/25 c8 1medici.cathry.fan
Thank’s for thé speedy update ! You write sooooo well !
Paris, the city of love ! As a French person I can’t help but be excited for the next chapter !
7/24 c7 medici.cathry.fan
Wow ! Can’t wait to see what’s next ! They’re so cute !
7/8 c6 2Elle Rose Maltz
Thank you so much for all your reviews! ️ I love writing for all of you
7/8 c6 1medici.cathry.fan
This story is soooooo cool ! I love it ! It’s so well written !
6/27 c6 Yogurtime
Thank you for the long updates! It was greatly written.
6/13 c4 Bbym3g
I can’t help but adore these two. My gosh I love this story. The way you use by taking the current situation to turning it in a lovely and deeply romantic tale make me the happiest fan on earth. I’m craving so much for the next chapter ! Thank you to fulfill my heart with these cuties ! ️
6/4 c3 Yogurtime
This chapter is so cute!
5/31 c2 Bbym3g
Oml it’s so damn cute. I love them so much. You do an incredible job ! Please write further
5/23 c1 Yogurtime
Hi! Saw it was your first story on here. Pretty solid start! Nice writing skills, can’t wait for the next chapter . Stay safe as well!

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