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for Tree goin' down

8/5 c6 9Murdock Calavicci
Great story! Look forward to more of your work. :)
7/5 c6 4icelantis
This was a very sweet and funny story! Looking forward to reading more from you.
6/28 c6 83dS-Tiff
This is a delightful epilogue to the story. I love the friendships in this show and you've portrayed Face and Murdock's really well throughout. I hope you write more soon!
6/28 c6 CecileGa
I’m sad that the story ends. I look forward to reading from you with each update. I would like you to start writing again. Maybe on Kelly Stevens. come back quickly !
6/21 c5 dS-Tiff
Wow, you warned there would be angst and there certainly was! I can just see Murdock being haunted by nightmares like this. I love how Face knows exactly what to do and I really love how the whole team - even BA - have that little talk about Billy to help Murdock feel better.
6/14 c4 CecileGa
Thank you for continuing to tell us this story. I find the characters as in my memory.
Merci, merci, merci :-)
6/13 c4 dS-Tiff
Really pleased to see another chapter of this story posted! I imagine Murdock has nightmares quite regularly so Face and the others will be used to them, although his pain is making this one worse. I could see poor Face being knocked to the floor and I love that it's BA who checks him over for injuries. Your portrayal of Murdock's guilt because he thinks his accident has caused trouble for the rest of the team feels very real. I'm hoping you have a plan for the guys to help him get over this!
6/9 c3 dS-Tiff
Another great chapter, I'm really loving all the characterisations and the interactions between them. I love how concerned they are for Murdock and how they made sure he wasn't badly injured. I also love how you've shown Face wondering why no one else thought to tell him about what happened to Murdock.
6/7 c3 22NatureGirl52180
This is a nice story. I love whump/hurt/comfort stories and Timber! is a favorite episode of mine. A little rough grammatically here and there. But I like the characterizations. I keep coming back for updates.

Please continue!
6/7 c3 CecileGa
more and more exciting. Thanks to the author for this wonderful story
6/2 c2 83dS-Tiff
I wasn't expecting to see another chapter, I thought you were done already! I love how Face picks up that poor Murdock is in pain. And it made me laugh that no one had thought to mention to Face what had happened with the tree!
5/30 c2 CecileGa
J'aime beaucoup la relation entre les personnages et leur manière d'interagir. J'ai hâte de lire la suite.
Arhhhh ! Vivement la suite !

I really like the relationship between the characters and the way they interact. I can't wait to read more.
Arhhhh! I can't wait to read the next chapter
5/30 c1 CecileGa
Very exciting. I would like to read more ;-)
5/28 c1 Carter Andrew J
Love it, always felt like this episode needed more.
5/24 c1 dS-Tiff
Nice work! I love how you've expanded on this episode and shown how Murdock's injury affected him. It frustrates me too when something like this happens in an episode and just gets forgotten about. The ending, with Face realising there was something wrong with his friend, is just perfect. Thank you for writing.

I'm glad to see writers are still joining this fandom as I'm about to do the same. I've been writing fan fiction for a few years, but with the exception of a brief foray into crossover territory, I've never written for The A-Team, even though it's one of my favourite TV shows. Now I'm writing my first serious A-Team fic so I'm glad to see a thriving community on this site. Please write more if you can!

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