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3h c32 AngryOmelette
3h c32 nilluminator
My eyes were just watering up thinking of the memory and then-
4h c32 11The Mercenary Chef
Hoo boy! Just finished going through the rewrite, and while I had thought the original was great, this is bordering on being a work of art. Good work to all involved.
5h c17 Axccel
The magic is of no consequence for tech. It’s specifically explained that tech going strange at Hogwarts is a unique phenomenon thought to be caused by the huge amounts of magic used and warded for such a long period of time. Implying reality has been weakened there to the point the laws of physics might not quite be stable at the school.

Her thinking he thought she was the sort of person to use her allure to get what she wants is nonsensical. All he did was answer her question. It was her own words.
5h c14 Axccel
Mmm, while it’s probably not related, it just occurred to me that since women tend to do a lot worse in math than men, the goblins might have a dislike or disdain for witches. More than the usual, that is. Because accounting.
6h c30 Axccel
In short, they leveled accusations against Harry with no evidence against him while all the evidence that a crime took place is absolute proof, not mere evidence, that either Harry is innocent or it was a matter of self-defense.

As for Malfoy, it’d be funny if Dumbledore accepted and right there made Harry his apprentice. Stating Harry clearly needs to grow stronger and master combat. Thanks for set him up to become much more powerful, to rub it in. In fact, I think a fic has done that.
6h c4 Axccel
All this about the deaths just makes no sense. And the public reaction makes even less sense given the situation and evidence. This is the opposite of human behavior. You…are kinda dumb. Forcing how you want things to go while expecting suspension of disbelief as everyone just ignores basic human nature. In the US, I’d say you were writing as if everyone is a Democrat believing everything their told while staunchly ignoring all evidence to the contrary, even when what they’re told now contradicts what they were told a short while ago and flip flops as needed for a transparent-to-toddlers narrative.

Why is Sirius even debating with Albus? He’d just ask Harry about what he wants to do. And point out that living with three other people in a small house instead of one person in a large one offers far less solitude. And that the whole “He’s not James” thing is easily countered with “He’s not you” seeing as Dumbles was projecting his own way of handling things onto Harry while accusing Sirius of doing so but with James to Harry.
6h c3 Axccel
Their houses are out for blood? Mmm, so what you’re saying is Harry can easily get them torn apart by angry mobs for being after him in support of now revealed Death Eaters that everyone knew were Death Eaters but stayed quiet about. Because this A) feeds into their Boy Who Lived cult-like attitude and B) gives them an excuse to destroy Death Eaters that everyone knew bribed their way out.
6h c2 Axccel
A couple major problems. You were rather thoughtless. First, the fact of Peter even having a body would exonerate Sirius since it would prove the explosion did not kill him. He’d get time severed for attempting to kill Peter at the absolute worst.

Second, the first time Harry survived the Killing Curse, the house was obliterated. This is well known and it became a memorial/tourist attraction. So, the first thing anyone would think is that the same thing happened again and this time everyone around was not already dead beforehand. While you brought up the backlash doing this, you did so at the very end. All the stuff before would never have been mentioned in the first place. It’s less than grasping at straws.

At the very least, they wouldn’t think he cast the Killing Curse and would assume it was to do with rot instead.

Also, in this circumstance, all Amos is doing is making it look like Cedric was a Death Eater to the public and all the Ministry is doing is making it look like it’s siding with Death Eaters against Harry Potter.
7h c1 Axccel
Good start and well-written!

But, why does literally every single fanfic writer think the incantation for the Disintegration Curse, aka, the Reductor Curse, aka Reducto, is a bludgeoning or blasting curse? The books are clear: it disintegrates objects in a flash of blue light. It’s name is kind of a give away.
8h c32 1oSayan
Ah.. Ron just had to come and ruin everything. I blame you.
8h c32 Danny W
Good old, Ron. Want to go into the forbidden forest following after the thing he's most afraid of, he's your man. But take him to a party and watch that foot go into that mouth so damn fast you wonder if there was ever a time it wasn't there.

Nice chapter. Very comfy. Susan is cute but sadly outgunned. Speaking of, almost convinced Fleur is going to make a big entrance.
10h c32 5Wakefan
Good update. I’m especially interested in how Harry interacts with his new Runespoor. Supposedly, Runespoors have three distinct personalities - the planner, the critic, and the dreamer. Always reminded me of Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Looking forward to your interpretation.
10h c32 kailashmaharana2500
You know I actually blame aurthur and Molly for ron's reaction. Are they not pure blood ? Do they not know the tradition? Knowing that what happened in Harry's trial, you would think they would be wise to warn their son beforehand on what to expect from the birthday party and who they gonna meet. But as usual both Molly and aurthur behaves like a clueless muggle in teaching their son especially ron anything but Harry has to keep their feelings in mind while dealing with ron, they are perfectly fine to put Harry in such tight situation.
11h c32 1StormCrownSr
"oh Ron, I missed you so much too mate" sniff.
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