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8/14 c33 Guest
always great :)

Stay safe
8/13 c33 Guest
Interesting trial. You put some thought into this.
8/15 c33 bicklepie
Haha, suck it Fudge!
8/15 c33 7DaSalvatore
I'll be honest here, there were quite a few times I almost stopped reading this. You've been spinning a fascinating political story (at least for Act 1) reminiscent of Game of Thrones/ASOIAF. However, you, unfortunately, included a major part of the HP franchise that's left me utterly _loathing_ almost every character outside of Harry, Sirius, Fleur, and Emma. Namely the utter lack of honour for any of the HP characters excluding Harry himself.

Don't get me wrong, I understand why many of the characters act the way they do, but this story has done what so many others have done in error - They've constantly thrown the MC against the way to force them to fight for every scrap of good times. From the moment Amelia was nothing more than a political asshole during the interrogation (rather than an officer of the law interviewing an underage witness/suspect), right the way through until the Peverell switcher-roo during the trial, all bar Emma and Fleur (with Hermione during her cameos) have been self-centred manipulators looking to get something from Harry and/or Sirius.

It's only the quality of the writing and my interest in the unique twist on the Peverell/Death stuff that's kept me reading. The story is crying out for more people to be on Harry and Sirius' side, as well as in desperate need for just more honourable people.

Because ignoring the Peverell stuff in the trial, the story has made it abundantly clear that from Amelia to Dumbledore, to Fudge and Pius and the DOM, literally everyone is using Harry for their own gain with not a single f*k given to what's right over what's easy. And there's only so much of that your good writing can paper over before the story ends up a bad GoT paradoy.
8/15 c33 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Finally caught up, looking forward to more.
8/15 c32 TheGreatBubbaJ
House of cards falling apart indeed.
8/15 c31 TheGreatBubbaJ
8/15 c30 TheGreatBubbaJ
This is glorious.
8/14 c33 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Loved all of the twists and turns in the court case. Fantastic job with all of the details as well. You've done a great job with bringing Pius to life. He's quite the character - brilliant, a master manipulator/strategist and absolutely confident in himself. It's a treat to see a new character like that. I do love how he has backed Fudge into a corner he cannot remove himself from. Really looking forward to the next chapter! Update soon please!
8/14 c33 kaxipoptos
A damn fine chapter that was worth the wait. Pius is really a sly s.o.b., harry could really use a guy like him in his corner (problem is he is an unknown quantity as far as loyalties go).
I guess Malfoy's plan was for everyone to see what harry turned into and let society condemn/destroy him, good thing pius didnt go nuclear.
Wonder what fudge can offer though? It's not like he will be minister for long after all. One way or another it will be interesting to see the fallout of this mess.
8/14 c29 TheGreatBubbaJ
Let the fun begin.
8/14 c28 TheGreatBubbaJ
Looking forward to Dobby joining the fun.
8/14 c27 TheGreatBubbaJ
They won't see it coming that he saw it coming.
8/14 c26 TheGreatBubbaJ
More have entered the fold.
8/14 c25 TheGreatBubbaJ
Woooo new pets.
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