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9/4 c36 5BlackGodofDarkness
A nice introduction for the next act. Btw, I wanna ask, is Ascension discontinued ?
9/4 c36 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
9/4 c36 nuggets1
can the 3 please be friends i’m so tired of bashing
8/30 c31 Ducelet
This story is a god damn masterpiece. I am binging start to finish
8/28 c35 Jojo
8/29 c35 Jackal605
A fellow reader of Third Fang I see. Love the whole thing, keep up the fantastic work
8/29 c35 5KaliYugaFan
Damn… your Harry is kind of a huge pussy.
8/27 c35 Guest
good chapter,

it's nice to be out of the Trial, even if it was great
8/26 c35 Guest
Unfortunately I have to agree with a number of the other reviewers about this not making sense.

Not only going to all that trouble of making sure the DOM doesn't get their way, only to have him end up joining anyway when he could have chosen otherwise.

And the ridiculous Greengrass reaction on top of that, despite the obvious point that all the family really needs and wants is the access to hope for a solution to the curse, with the marriage stuff being what they felt they had to offer in return to get that access when Malfoy was the gatekeeper and thus now is no longer necessary.

Overall, I'm all for a Harry/Fleur pairing, but a lot of the rest of the story, as another reviewer said, just seems to be ideas thrown in to seem cool (or this latest time, hoping for it to seem as a nice twist) but without actual cohesion.
8/26 c35 David212
They have not interacted long enough for her to develop feelings
8/28 c35 David12leca
ah young love nothing really comes close to that irrational intensity
8/26 c35 Guest
Finally...I thought for a moment the trials would never end.
8/28 c35 4Valkorion510
8/25 c35 Dr
Go Vultures… Augusta goes GAGa..

Harry should have ask for her help from start instead of this bloody peacocks who keeps dragging it.
8/27 c35 Safesam
Loving the story can’t wait for the next one
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