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9/4 c32 Guest
i am not paying you money to read your stories get a fucking job
9/4 c32 Guest
so he was always going to be in the dom because he already won the case he did not have to do fuck all for the dom the whole damn chapter was just written as a set up to get harry in the dom.
9/4 c18 Guest
bull shit he a been fallowing a plan for years no after talking to harry once he decides to change his whole fucking i don't think thats not dumbledore then.
9/6 c27 1Joe Lawyer
Didn't that memory also show Voldemort's return? Is Fudge ignoring that?
9/6 c36 1StormCrownSr
I liked the 3 trios in this, sure, one of those trios only has one speaking member. I like how Ginny bounces off Ron and Hermione. I like how you explained that Harry didn't do some super duper locking ritual of ancient magic. It was just a locking and silencing charm being linked to a repeating rune.

I love how Astoria riffs with her sister, I enjoy Daphne's jealousy, and Astoria's humor. I like how worried Tracy is for her friend. But most of all, Ron is not just jealous. exe. I like how Ron is the first to realise that because Harry already has a job, why would he even need O.W.L's.? N.E.W.T's are what they use to get jobs and Harry already got one.

Meanwhile, it's Hermione who argues that Harry would want to come back and wouldn't abandon them. I love how sly Ginny is when it comes to social situations that don't involve her crush.
9/5 c36 Mark Sinfield
9/5 c16 1Joe Lawyer
You are really skilled at injecting the wonder into magic, the mysticism of it all, the deep mysteries. A lot of HP authors can't do that.
9/5 c14 Joe Lawyer
Harry accepted rather quickly the absorption of the Potter family into the Peverell. I know it might have some legal benefits for him with his upcoming trial, but I sincerely doubt he fully understand the significance of all of this.
9/5 c13 Joe Lawyer
Harry has had his ignorance thrust into his face about half a dozen times in a short period. I'm hoping that that will light a fire in him to change things and better himself.
9/5 c12 Joe Lawyer
You're really painting a picture of a far more competent Sirius in this story. I quite like it. Harry, on the other hand, is still coming off as a child, but perhaps that'll make the before and after that much more startling.
9/5 c10 Joe Lawyer
So, Sirius didn't have a trial in your fic? Those documents Fudge found in Sirius's file showing he had a trial were forgeries? Whose work was that? Malfoy?
9/5 c8 Joe Lawyer
I was wrong about the cloak. Obviously putting it on had some effect.
9/5 c7 Joe Lawyer
I hope Harry looks back on this encounter and feels a lot of shame. He lost his wand like immediately. It was a pretty poor showing all around.

How does putting an invisibility cloak on protect you? They know where he is. They saw him put it on.
9/5 c5 Joe Lawyer
If any dragon heart stringed wand will do, why buy only one? It makes zero sense that even the possibility of buying a second wand didn't even come up and there is nothing in canon or this story to suggest he couldn't have bought a second wand. When that's your primary way of using magic, why on Earth wouldn't you have more than one on you at any given time? If taking a person's wand away is akin to making them a near muggle, why have only one? Harry has genuine threats against his life, powerful enemies out to get him, he needs a second wand.
9/5 c3 Joe Lawyer
The travesty of much of HP canon is that so much of it could have gone better for Harry had he had competent advisors in his corner without an agenda of their own. He'd have hired attorneys of his own to help him during this process, experts in their fields. He'd have people to support him making decisions that go against what Dumbledore wants.
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