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2/17 c107 3TheTrickster96
A chapter on the 29th?! On my birthday? Bloody brilliant
2/17 c107 19orthankg1
Very nice.
2/17 c107 3Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
2/17 c107 Rebell 01
A perfect plan... allmost.
2/17 c107 skotos07
Your writing and current plot points are fucking good if you don't already know that little fact :)
2/17 c107 Foster-the-Wizards
What lovely ruination!
2/17 c107 cameron1812
The most delicious, delightfully savage chapter. Love this for Draco, lol
2/17 c107 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Did not expect Harry's seriousness there at the end. Very telling that he saw through what Daphne was doing. Perhaps even more telling that he wasn't angered by it, but rather he just accepts it as part of Daphne's nature, just as he accepts the Veela as part of Fleur's nature. Also telling is that he has set his eyes on the more dangerous predator: Apolline Delaceur. Very wise of him to recruit Daphne's assistance with that problem. Draco's fall shows just how capable Daphne is. Looking forward to seeing what that girl gets up to! Also looking forward to seeing the rest of the fallout on the Malfoys. Have a feeling their 'lord' isn't going to be pleased... Looking forward to the continuations of both aspects of the plot! Update soon please!
2/17 c107 1TheGreatBubbaJ
2/17 c107 3alix33
You meantThe Malfoys' ability to bribe".
"worst-case" inworst-case scenario" should get a hyphen, according to collinsdictionary dot com.
2/17 c105 alix33
You meant for Harry to say "I thought the Diggorys were wearing black".
2/17 c103 alix33
You meant "He waited with bated breath".
2/17 c104 alix33
I am nonmagical and I share Daphne's opinion about all of the dreadful Dursleys.
You meant "forbidden him from contacting her over" and "the entire five hundred foot of its width".
2/17 c107 73VizeerLord
it's not too bad.
give us more
what would Kreature think about the Fall of Malfoy.(I know he worships Cissi and Bella, and Draco as Cissi's son... but with Draco being cast out...)

and what is the CABAL
2/17 c107 3renextronex
Yay, that was excellent. That was Daphne at her best, most beautiful, and most ruthless. And that was Harry telling her. "I see how you play politics, let me show you how I do it."
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