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9/5 c5 1Joe Lawyer
If any dragon heart stringed wand will do, why buy only one? It makes zero sense that even the possibility of buying a second wand didn't even come up and there is nothing in canon or this story to suggest he couldn't have bought a second wand. When that's your primary way of using magic, why on Earth wouldn't you have more than one on you at any given time? If taking a person's wand away is akin to making them a near muggle, why have only one? Harry has genuine threats against his life, powerful enemies out to get him, he needs a second wand.
9/5 c3 Joe Lawyer
The travesty of much of HP canon is that so much of it could have gone better for Harry had he had competent advisors in his corner without an agenda of their own. He'd have hired attorneys of his own to help him during this process, experts in their fields. He'd have people to support him making decisions that go against what Dumbledore wants.
9/5 c2 Joe Lawyer
I'm amazed they didn't ask for his memories of the night. They engaged in something as intrusive as a veritaserum interrogation, but didn't take his memories? That would answer many of their questions and give credence to everything else. You can't make up that much shit and have the memories to back it up.
9/5 c36 EloImJosh
I like to imagine Malfoy is curled up on the floor like dead Yamcha. xD
9/5 c36 3grovepjp
9/5 c36 4Valkorion510
9/5 c36 nnovillo7
It was a really interesting chapter, I really enjoy reading it
9/5 c36 3RedOuroboros
thanks for the chapter
9/4 c36 1Pagemaster4TW
This story is truly amazing. I swear if my country didn't have one of the worst currency values in the world I would be a top subscriber on that other website that starts with a P.
9/4 c36 sh777
Thanks for the update
9/4 c36 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Glad to see Harry going back to Hogwarts. Enjoyed the exxplanations, such as they were, from Daphne earlier in the chapter. Rather humorous to see that the Harry Potter Fanclub had a chapter in Slytherin as well. Also glad to see that someone was finally able to shut Malfoy up, even if they didn't mean to. Update soon please! Can't wait to see what's next!
9/4 c36 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Off to a roaring start.
9/4 c36 5BlackGodofDarkness
A nice introduction for the next act. Btw, I wanna ask, is Ascension discontinued ?
9/4 c36 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
9/4 c36 1nuggets1
can the 3 please be friends i’m so tired of bashing
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