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for That's My Scarf!

7/8 c4 1geekqueen2010
I eagerly await the larger fic coming up!
5/27 c4 27CharlieBoneFan
Good job.
5/26 c4 TealSunsetsOpenSkies
I'm sorry about the last failed attempt at a review (I somehow managed to accidentally hit post before I meant to, and you can't leave more than 1 review per chapter, so. . .).

Anyway, this was a really cute little story and I really like how despite the similarities to Silencer, you took this in a direction that is uniquely your own. You've done a great jobs developing the characters each in their own distinctive ways. It's such a sweet story you've created and I enjoyed the read.

Again, sorry about the last accidental review. I really have no idea how I managed that.
5/25 c3 TealSunsetsOpenSkies
This is a
5/25 c1 Gnostica
I wonder if there's an explanation! Gabriel owes that to Marinette! Or maybe... Hmm... Well I'm curious! :)

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