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for Spoken

10/8 c1 AleKerplunk
This is so good! I loved everything about it but the ending was just perfect!
6/13 c1 B
It’s wonderful and sweet!
5/26 c1 KT
That was a great story and I can't wait to read more of your stories. The way you wrote the fill-in scenes was cute and funny; it was so Niles and C.C. Hope you write more stories.
5/26 c1 Strawberry32
This story is so sweet. I like the hint of vulnerability and the throwing up that hints at pregnancy!
Aaah could you write another add one, maybe the one of their vacation or when she end up in his bed that very first night after the big fight. Thank you for sharing
5/24 c1 Mariposa
Oh, how nice to have a new story. Perfect fill in! I also always thought that she said the bugs words to him in that hôtel room. Thank you for sharing
5/23 c1 l
can't wait for chapter 2.
5/24 c1 alex-is-awesome
Love this! Very sweet and perfect fill in the blank.

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