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for The Rise Of Night

11/24/2021 c6 bdcrisco98
I feel like a chapter is missing here. The “Last Time” doesn’t match the previous chapter.
11/9/2021 c34 Guest
This is one of the best books that I have read on fanfiction
10/27/2021 c5 theflashfan0061
where's the rest of it?
10/13/2021 c4 keeper fan
i love keeper of the lost cities!
8/21/2021 c11 jimmy.oz
Just saying but since percy is the god of constellation couldn't he have stopped her from putting him in the stars. matter of fact would think he wouldn't have allowed that.
8/11/2021 c32 qwertyuiop123214685
you should write a sequel for this. The second titan war etc. would be so different with percy able to interfere. Also you're a great writer and the story is fantastic
8/5/2021 c33 Guest
5/5/2021 c34 3The Last Centurion 1
Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story!
4/26/2021 c28 4TheGirlofManyFloods
Huh? Was Apollo brainwashed? Or does the fact that they disappeared make him forget so it doesn't alternate time.
4/26/2021 c26 TheGirlofManyFloods
Aww... so cute!
4/26/2021 c4 TheGirlofManyFloods
I understand the KOTLC reference. Did I tell you I finished the series and reread it more than 5 times? It's all thanks to you. Thanks for introducing me to the series after I forgot about it!
4/10/2021 c33 Son of Vesta 16 - 2nd Account
Can u PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE do a sequel? I love this story so much!
4/5/2021 c1 yzalex
Your story deserves a lot of audience. You can publish it in Novel Star Mobile App.
1/24/2021 c34 4Daughter of Sally Jackson
1/24/2021 c34 709Radiant Arabian Nights
Have a Great 2021 too
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