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for The Rise Of Night

1/11 c6 1sabbync
100% picturing kid Artemis and Apollo as the children in Emperor’s New Groove
12/17/2020 c11 2parallaxyt
Okay, this is just too mellowed out. Everyone is way too calm about everything. Percy's fatal flaw is loyalty! This means if his trust is broken it takes time to earn it back. And how are Zoe and Artemis so calm about Orion raping someone?! And frankly, Percy is whipped
12/10/2020 c33 Atlanticboy99
moonlight please i like the concept of the story
9/29/2020 c33 FeliciTrix AlphaOmega
I haven’t noticed until now but a few Pertemis fanfics that I’m really fond of were actually written by you! I really enjoyed this I absolutely adore Selyne and I love all the little family moments they had, Artemis and Percy are so cute here! And the fact that they’re Soulmates and that Seleyne was the one who found out, just AAAAAAAH also Moonlight sounds really Intriguing. I hope to read more of your stories, keep up the great work and I hope you stay safe and healthy. :D
9/19/2020 c33 Anon
#1 moonlight sounds awesome it gets my vote
9/13/2020 c18 SHADOW
you do realize Artemis is Percy's aunt cousin girlfriend right that's just weird
9/8/2020 c3 josh
i like it
8/17/2020 c2 sidaqlotay07
Good for a first chapter, I'm very happy to be able find other that a shit uncomplete on this site, so very thank to you for have helped me to find something who seem very good.
7/29/2020 c33 Yoshi1911
7/28/2020 c32 684Radiant Arabian Nights
Love it:)
You have done a good job:)
7/28/2020 c33 Callum Runchman
Very nice, sweet story with a satisfying end. Glad you haven't ruined it by making it too long or adding sequels and dragging it out. Too many people try to drain too much out of a storyline/fanfiction universe
7/28/2020 c33 Mr Demigod
Could you please do ‘Back Together’? It sounds really good! Thank you so much for including me in your thank you!
7/27/2020 c33 GUEST
Moonlight would be awesome!
7/27/2020 c33 Grimsheeper
Great story i hace enjoyed it so much.
I think you should do waiting nexf
7/27/2020 c1 TheMeister7
Best PERTEMIS story, even coming super close to everlasting promises, from Starblade176. Loved the slow burn so much
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