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for Adagio

8/25 c1 Anonimus
Thank you for writing this Tali x male Shepard fanfic, I love it! Please continue!
7/22 c1 Tyranbae
This looks quite good. Though I think that your pacing is a little too fast. You could do more on exploring the thougths or expressions of the characters.
7/16 c1 2gedoens
I dig it.
5/26 c1 10Bahoogasmif
This was a good start for a brand new writer! You kept it concise and flowing, but I'll admit I had some issues I'd like to bring to your attention.

You switch point of view a little to fluidly. There is no clear point where you switch to tali or shepard, and you dont have any breaks or transitions for location changes. It's slightly jarring and would be something I'd personally like to see change.

One other thing we would all like to see, I think, is a increase to "off camera" stuff for Sheoard and tali. Personal thoughts, reasoning, ideas, so on so forth so that we get a look at your Shepard and your tali. We want to see what makes them tick!

Good one here. Keep it up and dont get bogged down!

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