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for Home Is Where the Heart Lies

12/2/2023 c2 Druto
Thank you for this great piece
8/10/2023 c2 atymer
I think this is how canon should have ended. Harry realizing having his dream was more important than anything. I love their kids. Harmony one thousand
I have a sneaky suspicion there might be another little kiddo in their future.
8/2/2023 c2 5Scribbling Steve
That was a wonderful, heartwarming story. Thank you for writing it.
7/28/2023 c2 Clark959
Charming story
7/27/2023 c2 Clark959
Sweet story
5/18/2023 c2 RikK1
I still want to know what their 3rd kid "Gus" full name is.
4/11/2023 c2 Incantations7
Talk about hitting in the feels here…
1/20/2023 c2 Toothfairy456
Sweet story. Thanks for sharing.
1/12/2023 c2 geenakmom
Really enjoyed reading this!
12/28/2022 c1 6starlite22
Enjoyed it, but we’re Hermiones parents at her wedding
12/8/2022 c2 KoldT
Very enjoyable story indeed.
11/28/2022 c2 BillBrink
Thanks for such a warm story.
8/12/2022 c2 Guest
Please write more. These are just beautiful.
8/2/2022 c2 Potterhead
Fantastic beatiful story it made me cry at the end
6/12/2022 c2 Kuro
Muy bueno, me saco una lagrima, bueno...varias lagrimas.
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