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6/8/2021 c1 MAGAKI RYOUTA
Yeah, to be honest, I always preferred those 'Harry and Hermione' pairings over the 'Ron and Hermione' pairings, ever since the Yule Ball — they seem to have far more chemistry than 'Harry and Ginny' (and those Oedipus Complex memes were really messing with my head…)

It’s a way better epilogue and introspective mindset that better portrays 'Nothing Is the Same Anymore'. (I seriously regret watching the films before reading the novels…)
6/2/2021 c2 1ZipZapZoip
Fuckin beautiful, the fluffiness just keeps coming out of my ass.
5/24/2021 c2 Jo Cook
thanks. very nic3
5/8/2021 c2 4fundaore
2/18/2021 c2 Hermione
How do you write to well?! This is so sweet, and I never want it to end, honestly!
2/12/2021 c2 8riversgirl75
This is GORGEOUS. I’m crying but I’m so happy too.
2/5/2021 c2 44dennisud
Nice job and great to get these artists to do your portraits for each story! Kudos to you and them!

2/3/2021 c2 8Nerdmom1701
A great fic! I’m going to check out the tumbler page. I love art, in all its forms. I really appreciate that you have made the effort to check the grammar and spelling. It makes for an easy and immersive reading experience!
Is Augustus named after anyone? It sounds familiar, but I’m drawing a blank. It’s a big name for such a little boy.. I’d love to read another chapter, on how HHr gets older, as they become grandparents, and deal with the loss of comrades due to normal, aging problems. Just a thought. . Loved the story!

Well done !
2/1/2021 c2 43miguel.puentedejesus
De Verdad Perfecto
2/1/2021 c1 miguel.puentedejesus
Maravilloso a,
Muy Hermoso
1/17/2021 c2 Guest
1/5/2021 c2 Readerjkr
Lovely romance.
1/4/2021 c2 1RightWrong
What a lovely story, thank you for writing it.
12/25/2020 c2 Guest
If I weren’t as emotionally stunted as I am, I would be weeping.
12/7/2020 c1 kinironiichan
Absolutely fantastic story. You've just become one of my favourite writers.
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