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for Tales of a Scientific Ninja

6/10 c1 23Zombie Cat Scientist
I liked that one of the first things the character does is ask if there is a scientific explanation for a glowing deity like being.
5/29 c2 Jopijn
Love the ironic name of mc
5/12 c14 Guest
It's a good story and good writing but the protagonist is not an interesting character. You need to give him some quirks, specialties, things that are unique to him and sets him apart from others. His characterization is bland for now and the story would be great if you can manage that
5/12 c13 Guest
It's cool that you skip all the awkward conversations with simple one liners. It's a lot of unnecessary exposition most of the time. Good writing

I like the changes you've made to canon and it'd be interesting to see how the plot progresses

Thank you and keep writing
5/12 c23 Barbaric Bob
Silence boomers!
5/10 c3 Celtend
boku hanashitai desu. I wanna speak. lolz, I'm learning japanese and feel a bit of his frustration.
4/9 c1 Eins minus zwei
Yea... lets skip this shit chapter. ROB beginnings are cringe.
1/3 c7 Guest
Why are you showing Jiaraiya -..-

Heeh heeh Nosebleed
12/19/2020 c7 Guest
Dropped the whole mizuki incident was too cringe and forced for no reason
12/19/2020 c7 Guest
You should’ve made obito more like itachi is read of a naruto clone with red hair and worse stamina
12/19/2020 c6 Guest
The fuck? they straight up told guys fathers story like it was nothing. And I’m pretty sure Genma isn’t gay
12/18/2020 c3 Guest
This whole thing didn’t make sense. He said he wanted to remember naruto... but he dosnt know about the kyubbi. He said he wants to remember what he knew about Guy... but he didn’t remember who guys friends were? Wtf
12/13/2020 c1 papavil450
i drop I got to chapter 5 it's just bad I can't like your novel
12/13/2020 c21 Svenion
looking forward to it
12/11/2020 c21 asighoaighnqllg
Just a simple request. If you're rewriting this, delete the old version. You rewrite because you find the original to be flawed. Don't just keep the old version around for the favs. Or follows.
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