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7/25 c1 5AlsoSprachOdin
I think the cambat scenes lacked a little something. Maybe more showing than telling? Maybe a better picture of the battlefield would help? Eh.
Nice ending, though. Very unusual. Seems implausible that no alarms have gone off, even if Nerv primarily relies on detecting the wavelengths of angels.

I get that it's your English you're trying to improve, but please change "Guten Natch" to "Gute Nacht".
7/24 c6 Guillaume Grignard
I love your story, it seems you're the first person to write a fanfic about Demon Lord Dante and I hope you'll continue your story, good luck for the next part! But I have two questions: if you made a fanfic about a crossover between Demon Lord Dante and Evangelion, does that means that Medusa (Dante's former lover from the time he was human) would appear in your story? And did you plan to bring some characters from Devilman, like Kaim or Silene?
7/18 c5 Scabby
This story is super cool! I haven’t read or watched the Demon King source material (or Devilman, for that matter), but you’ve presented a lot of interesting additions to the Evangelion universe.

It’s also always fun to see the Eva characters not be prickly hedgehogs, and actually talk things out.

Something that caught my eye though was your use of Azrael; I found out about Azrael and the other TTRPG Angels a week or two ago, and wanted to do something with them myself. It’s nice to see them already being used by someone else.

The use of Children vs Child is fine; I thought it was a bit weird at first, but it’s not something I’d complain about. Keep doing what makes you happy!

Like I said earlier, I really like this! I’m already looking forward to what comes next!
7/14 c5 Crownlessking21
Great job, I like how you brought Kaji in to help Shinji cope with his situation. Now just saying and hear me out. If you do decide to have Shinji somewhat embrace himself being Dante, please for the love of god have his theme be that of Asura Unleashed, when he goes on a rampage.
7/14 c5 Alexsanderlay
finally you update it, wow I didn't think that the kaji might help shinji with the problem and what will shinji and kaji work together to defeat seela? Also I want to ask, did you make Shinji the reincarnation of Dante? or because one of his parents experimented with dante cells and injected them into shinji? my fanfic translation of the language is a bit unclear so I need extra time to understand it. why do you make shinji eat using his hands at least you can use a spoon for that part, will you update it soon? lately there aren't a lot of updated fanfic evangelions I'm so bored because there aren't any fanfics that can be read.
6/27 c4 Deepsix
Since this is going to be another Shinj x Asuka fic I just going to stop reading this fic.
6/26 c4 Guest
Nice, Shinji is breaking down a lot less than I expected. Still setting up the next conflict is half the fun, O do like how you're handling the characters, Asuka isn't angry all the time, Misato is being more attentive, etc... Great chapter, keep it up.
6/14 c1 Crownlessking21
Change the rating to M. It’ll be better if you can go all out because Dante and Eva are not T shows imo. Now for Asuka it doesn’t really matter about her being OOC so long as you can explain the reasoning behind her actions believably, which you did pretty well at the end of Ch. 3.
6/13 c3 Nope
Fuck there is Asushin, so fuck that I'm done
6/13 c3 Alexsanderlay
don't change asuka to occ, isn't the character in this fanfic shinji & asuka. just make it where Asuka helps Shinji about the problem! well this is your decision. this chapter is good but how do I say this, if the one who reads doesn't really like conversation or the like it will feel boring.
6/13 c3 Guest
I don't believe it's too out of character for Asuka to get over her ego at times. She did so in rebuild 2, so that's more or less okay. As far as shipping goes, whatever floats your boat is fine with me, I'm just here for the story. Anyhow cool chapter overall, really liking the use of Dante's powers. Also I don't think the M rating will be necessary if you continue like this, but if you want to add more gore, then you should bump it to M.
6/13 c3 135EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
as long as you keep your promise I dont care awesome chapter bro!
6/7 c2 hector23bonilla
Asukaxshinji yes
6/4 c1 Nope
I think you should pair Shinji with an oc or the love interest of the protagonist of demon lord dante.
6/4 c2 EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
love it bro Inhope you continue it.

also I say more Shinji x Asuka comtrary to populat belief I say there isn't enough of them.
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