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5/5 c24 AnthonyR89
this one has potential
4/26 c25 WearyCurmudgeon
One thing I noted about the SB discussion was that no one suggested that Lustrum may have warned Annette that Danny would not accept Taylor and that Annette argued differently.

Only to now come to the conclusion that her former leader was right after all.

So yeah.. "Lustrum was right", indeed.
4/20 c26 vysirez
Very fun stuff. I love how creative your stories and idea are. That and the fact you are generally able to make them somewhat plausible.
4/17 c26 bikoukitsune
this is a wonderfully humorous turn from a torture trigger event nightmare to murder of mass murderers and she still has a decent relationship with skidmark i just love this and next would be cherish interactions maybe she joins the wards or merchants or stays 'rogue' or gets herself killed by taylor and everyone can enjoy nazi hunting
4/17 c26 4Lumias
I wonder how Mouse Protector would feel if she ever learned about the Slaughterhouse 9 and Taylor offing them with extreme prejudice at least in part because they were going to target MP. I almost feel bad for the E88, but then I remember Nazi oh yeah they completely deserve what's about to happen to them.
4/16 c26 1DracoArtemisLeopin
To be fair, seeing anybody wipe the entirety of the Nine themselves would be a good 'DO NOT FUCK WITH!' warning for just about anyone.
4/16 c26 Limerick90
You had me cackling with the S9 infiltration scenes. That was fun and super satisfying. I especially liked the way you used Jack's warnings.
Also, having Cherish put her powers to use rehabilitating druggies is hilarious. And kinda inspired, all things considered. I see how the previous chapter could stand completely on its own, with this one never happening, but I'm really curious about where this goes. The moral complexity of Taylor and her surrounding situation make this incredibly interesting to read! :D
4/16 c26 1Bearmauls
Minion!Cherish could be fun. Her power is actually crazy versatile and insanely subtle. Anybody smart would keep her as a complete secret, your opponents would have no idea they're being mastered. Not even sure Gallant would pick up on it, as long as you kept it subtle and just enhanced emotions that would already be there.
4/16 c26 2ranma hibiki
*shrug* hey, ever super needs a minion! the PRT has the Wards, Kaiser has his Nazis, Lung has the Abb, New Wave has the Juniors (mostly Amy it seems like D). every Super needs a minion to help out around the area P
4/16 c26 Sebine
She's SO grounded.
4/15 c26 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
4/15 c26 1YeTianshi
Wow, that developed quickly. It was a pretty fun read, though I'm wondering whether Cherish is being genuine or if she has plans to backstab Taylor eventually.
Still, it's not very smart to keep a potentially hostile Master around. Guess we'll see what happens xD
4/15 c26 shugokage
Great job on this chapter!
4/15 c26 AnimeA55Kicker
Was Taylor raped by the E88 or...?
4/15 c25 AnimeA55Kicker
Fuck, man. I shouldn't feel these feels for this chapter...
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