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1/18 c12 Sebine
kissy kissy Taylor
1/18 c1 Sebine
you can't stop there
you implied lesbeans
1/17 c11 AlexanderRaven
Can we pretty please see this story continued sometime. I love the concept, especially with two very different and experienced Taylor at the reigns. Plus I can already imagine the shenanigans one can get up to with a power like that.
1/15 c20 WearyCurmudgeon
Just a point out, her power sounds a lot like she's messing around with Ki/Chi as seen in the "Ranma 1/2" setting.

Has a number of beings who can absorb Ki from others to effect their own bodies (de-aging, immortality with regards to age). And that's next to the abilities that Chi/Ki bestows upon the wielder (enhanced strength/speed/durability/stamina, healing factor).

Also while Ki based healing of others wasn't shown IIRC, that was more due to it requiring both skill and reserves. The one with the skill lacked the reserves (Doc Tofu) and the one with the reserves lacked the skill (Herb, Saffron and possibly Ranma). Rather than it not being possible at all.

So having our lovely lasses meeting and learning from actual Martial Artists could lead to further interesting butterflies.

1/15 c20 Limerick90
Damn, this is interesting! I'm definitely looking forward to more of this, I'm really curious where this is going! :D
1/15 c20 1brnicholas
Woah! That is a really, really powerful opening. Great job!

1/15 c10 Chessicfayth
Oooooooh. Emma and Taylor reconciling is always fun, especially when there's a real effort in it, and not a handwave. I'd love to see you do another version of it. Mutant Deviations version was fun, because she was a side character anyways. I'd really enjoy it being up front and center.
1/15 c17 Chessicfayth
*whistles* This is a super solid idea, but a little dark for my tastes. Best of luck if you decide to pursue it though!
1/15 c20 Chessicfayth
Yooooooo. Why do you have so many awesome ideas? I've fallen behind on your snippets collection. Fixing that right now.
1/15 c20 keichan2
THAT is an impressive power!
And terrifying, considering the number of lives she needed to bring Lisa backā€¦
1/14 c20 teruin42
That was interesting, it had a bit of the flavor of the end of Firestarter, when the government learns that it's a bad idea to annoy a high powered pyrokinetic. I like stories that follow the old advice of starting as late in the story as possible, then filling in details as it goes.
1/14 c20 shugokage
Nice job on this interesting chapter!
1/14 c20 Gehoji
I like the idea of it, but it has one tiny little problem. The moment that Cauldron found out that she could revive capes, Contessa would pay her a visit and use Talk no Jutsu to get her onto their side. Unless she is unpathable, it would be so easy to get her on their side, and Taylor, once she picks a side, refuses to really change unless she has to.
1/14 c20 2Jack Inqu
...uh oh. This could be really, really bad. Coil and Sophia, you idiots. How far did you push Taylor? What did you make her do?

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
1/14 c20 The not so silent protagonist
Oh holy shit this is good. I can't wait to see what you do with this.
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