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4/15 c26 Spellflame
... she can do so much worse then drive to suicide
4/15 c26 2Jack Inqu
It's always a pleasure to read about the S9 getting taken out like the murderous trash that they are.

Taylor is on the warpath, and Cherish is along for the ride? I'm sure that will go well. ;) Honestly though, I'm glad you didn't kill Cherish. I like how you develop minor characters like her in your other stories.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
4/15 c26 2Kaiya Azure
Well, that's one way to take care of the Slaughterhouse 9. Though I wonder what sort of plan Taylor has percolating inside her head.
4/15 c26 1orion0905
Of course she gets a minion... now who is she seeing in the wards also how much does Hannah want to kill the empire bozos.
4/15 c26 1Impstar
If Taylor murdered Kaiser, as long as she was discrete enough for it to not be obviously her, no one is going to try and pin it too hard on her. Honestly she didn't need to use the S9 for this, though I approve of them getting removed in general.
4/15 c25 bikoukitsune
this is bittersweet sad wonderful and i would love to read more you made a believable good but shit father skidmark for taylor
4/10 c1 Spellflame
... are the animals the people who stayed?
4/10 c25 Limerick90
Wow. I'm genuinely surprised by how intriguing this entire premise is. The character constellations here are glorious and I'm happy to hear there will be a part 2. Looking forward to that!
4/10 c25 pwtcmcneil
ok, why is the dadmark one so good? seriously though it's a unique concept and is so far brilliantly executed.
4/7 c25 Guest
Wow. No one comes out of this backstory looking good.
4/9 c25 16twilliams1797
Adam's self awareness is nice.
4/9 c25 3grovepjp
4/8 c25 shugokage
Amazing job on this interesting and cool idea!
4/8 c25 5Xandarius
This is awesome. I’d love to read more of this idea if you continue it
4/8 c25 alaskan-dracolych
Skidmark trying to be a parent. Heh, it's kinda nice seeing them as people and not the standard characturs that they are presented as.
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