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4/7 c25 2Kaiya Azure
Well, this idea is certainly interesting and very novel. Definitely curious as to what sort of ripples can come from it. What sort of powers would Taylor get? Will Amy and Taylor somehow bond over the fact their fathers happen to be villains? Granted, the Marquis being in the Birdcage means Amy can't make the occasional visit, but still.
4/7 c25 2Seth A. Mincberg
This... This.. this was.. good? I'm sorry! I'm just trying to wrap my head around a Skidmark that I like... .. wow. Great idea. Feel free to continue it. I'd read.
4/7 c25 Crescent Glaive
Such pretty butterflies... First time i've seen Skidmark/Adam Mustain as Taylor's father
4/7 c25 1orion0905
Dang, that idea really messed up. But strangely sweet.
4/7 c25 2Rogue15
This one is very very interesting. The idea of Skidmark of all people trying to be a good father and well aware of his issues is great. Really curious how much having Taylor around has changed him from Canon in unintentional ways.
3/29 c24 16zigmas
Damn, this (and the previous concept) needs MORRRE!
3/26 c24 2Jack Inqu
I love how bullshit Taylor is in some of your stories, and everyone just eventually rolls with it.

Yikes, poor Lily. She needs lots of hugs, comfort, and love.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
3/26 c24 2Kaiya Azure

Honestly, the Queen Administrator is probably the one shard that could bring about sanity to the Butcher collective.
3/26 c24 FateStayNight Fanboy
so good that you could make it it's own story
3/25 c24 Limerick90
I'll admit, I didn't expect for her to die in the second chapter you write about this, but I guess I should have seen it coming? Either way, this was pretty cool. Makes me extremely curious about what the unknown factor of her original power was, though I kinda doubt we'll find out, since for the purposes of this story (at least as far as these two chapters have shown) it doesn't really matter unless someone tries to disable it.
Also, going after the S9 is a really bad idea. As bad as the Butchers were, the S9 were soooo much worse. Why Taylor thinks she'd be okay with any of their voices in her head I don't understand. Especially Jack Slash. Sure, he can't use his Trump BS to mindgame her when he's just a voice, but he's still an annoying bastard who gets off on psychological torture. Pushing that one down all the time would get old fast.
Aside from that, I find it interesting that her powers would change in their expression and effectiveness after she switches bodies. I don't remember that being a thing with canon Butcher (though I might have missed it ofc), so I'll say that's an interesting way to attach meaning to her jumping bodies!
Looking forward to more! :D
3/25 c24 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
3/23 c23 vysirez
Very interesting story. I hadn't thought about rezzing Hero.
3/22 c23 16zigmas
Except for the utterly unnecessary lez side, but the rest is just WOW.
And it's short, too.
Can't wait for MORE!
3/15 c23 2Robert Harrison
Personally, I don't think this needs to be it's own story just these few short bits get all the important stuff out. That said, I'd really like to know if she can actually kill Scion and bring back Hero.
3/15 c23 2Jack Inqu
You're not angry because Taylor 'stole' your only friend, Sophia; you're angry because someone took away your 'toy' and now you're lashing out because you're a sociopathic sadist.

Well, I'm glad that at least this wasn't a plot to get Taylor to come back to Brockton Bay.

...huh, I wasn't expecting that from Alexandria. Hopefully this isn't a trick either.

I'm really enjoying this story.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
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