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6/14 c6 PSYCongroo
Oh, este me gustó.
5/31 c6 SentinalSlice
My favorite so far has be Shiroumasa.
5/25 c3 Guest
Might be a bit of low-hanging fruit, but hopefully Tsuna comes soon.
A no-nonsense demon slayer, potentially replacing Kyojuro if he perishes (or in this fic in recovery). Given his speculated history between him and Ibaraki (who is noted to be human before), he might sympathize with Nezuko's plight.
5/24 c7 8PhantomGuardianoftheRepublic
I was just wondering when will we get so see them interact with kato danzo, himiko, Katsushika Hokusai, Okita Sōji, Tomoe Gozen, kiyohime, Minamoto no Raikō, and/or oda nobunaga?
5/24 c7 4korrd
I like the Tanjiro/Kanao pairing so I thought this was perfect. The Nine are truly devious, especially with those who know not what they do.
5/23 c7 4SilverstormXD
The 9 are truly a devious group...
5/23 c7 FrancoisDuComte
gods i didnt know the tamamo nine can be this sinister
5/23 c7 2Takedo
5/23 c7 Goxo
This story is really fun to read. I hope you have more to come.
5/23 c7 37kyugan
Naked Apron is invincible.
5/23 c7 WhiteRosenArcher
Lol, these stories are great! I hope to see more with other heroes too! Like Musashi, Nobu, and Okita!
5/23 c7 Stickmanreader
Ah I love shenanigans like these,Also loved the interactions between the characters here keep ip the good work.
5/22 c6 sky8est
Wonder what was thr reaction when the Demon Slayers when they meet the other Demon King, Nobu?
5/16 c6 Amalgum
Damn muramasa is so cold here
5/16 c6 Halo
Eventually all the servants have got to meet each other.
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