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5/27/2020 c1 DatOneKidd
Well this is interesting, I like where this is going, the idea of Jeremy being a dad is cool, I just hope he doesn't make the same mistakes his dad did. Also Christine dead is sad, and what are those green pills on Michael's desk. This is the first chapter and I have so many questions but at the same time I am invested to see where this goes, and see if my questions will get answered. And I do hope you update soon. Like I said I would like to see this story is going. Also for a suggestion for this story can Juliet get a best friend of her own (her own Michael) I have an idea what her name should be and her interests.
Her name Abigail or Abby for short and her last name Hunter her full name is Abigail Olivia Hunter.
She is the same age as Juliet.
She has red hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.
She likes the color purple, Broadway musicals and listens too the casts albums all the time, video games, dancing, singing, and playing her violin, likes to watch old black and white films, and she also likes old school style things (especially retro stuff like discontinued drinks and out of print games).
She is a little weird and can be socially awkward but she's kind and caring.
And that is the oc character Abigail Olivia Hunter.
This is just a suggestion you don't have to do it if you don't want to.
Also my birthday is coming up on June 8th and since you seem to take requests can you do a birthday request for me to.
My request is another Be More Chill fanfiction and it's an au or another universe whatever you want to call it.
So this au is based of Marvel's X-MEN but don't worry you don't have to have read the comics or watch the movies for this fic.
So here is the au...
In this world some people are are born with special abilities (powers), those people are called mutants. However normal people hate and fear mutants, mutants are often treated like dirt (think of how white people treated African Americans in u.s history from them being slaves to the segergation laws). So in this au the teenage characters in BMC are Mutants.
Jeremy can control any form of technology with his mind.
Michael has fire and ice powers (his powers are controlled by his emotions like if he gets scared, nervous, or upset he could accidentally freeze the room, or he gets angry he could accidentally burn down the room).
Rich has super strength.
Jake has super speed.
Christine has giant bird like wings on her back (they look like the wings of a parit) and can heal faster than a normal human being.
Chloe can transform into any animal and can gain that animal's traits and abilities like the strength of an elephant, or the flight of a bird, or even the speed of a jeetia.
Brooke has the ability to control plants and can make them grow faster (like she could control plant vines to trap someone).
And finally Jenna, she can turn invisible and can create force fields.
One by one they are all kidnapped (they each were kidnapped and taken away from their families around the ages 8-12 because mutants don't start to develop their abilities until they are around those ages) and taken to a secret government laboratory where they are used for cruel experiments, the Scienctists there study how to harness mutant powers to use as weapons and to study ways to kill/weaken mutants to "get rid of the mutant fret". The head scienctist is named Dr. Jason Morris (in case you didn't know Eric Morris is the actor who played the squip in the two river theater Off-Broadway run of Be More Chill and Jason Tam is the actor who played the squip in the Broadway run of Be More Chill so mixing those names together is a reference to both actors). There are gaurds there too.
The scienctists and gaurds are cruel to all of them on top of the painful experiments, they are also tortured, they get beaten to nearly death, and other forms of torture like electrocuting them, making them stay out in the cold weather without clothes or blankets or anything to keep them warm, there are isolation cells that are very dark, they even got/beat them with bull whips.
If you are wondering why the mutants don't use their powers to fight back it is because the scienctists put on these metal collores on them that blocks thier powers. And if they try to force the collores off of them the collores shock them. The only way to get the collores off is a remote control that turns the collores on or off (that control is basically the key to all the collores) and Dr. Morris keeps it under lock and key.
Anyway Jeremy, Michael, Rich, Jake, Christine, Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna are sadly trapped in that horrible place for years and start to lose hope that they'll ever be free and see their families again.
They will eventually start to work together and try to escape that horrible place, will they escape, will they make it out of there alive, or will they be trapped there forever? Read to find out.
That is the request, I would love it if you write it for my birthday, please.
5/25/2020 c1 ChillFanGirl
I like it, good first chapter. Also in the next chapter we see Juliet discover her psychic powers, and using her powers she discovers the grey pill is called a squip (right now she's 5 years old) and that her dad had one, and when she tells her father about it he freaks out because he never told her about it. Also those grey pills on Michael's desk I say they are pills too help Michael with a anxiety disorder he has. That is what should happen in the next chapter.
Also thanks for telling me happy birthday and I enjoyed the first chapter.

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