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for The Boy Who Lived, The Brightest Witch and The Boy Who Wasn't

5/15 c35 Cassandra30
Excellent birthday.
5/15 c31 Cassandra30
I would expect trouble if Ron gets it instead of Harry.
5/15 c30 Cassandra30
Privacy is important. I'm with Ron on this.
5/14 c33 Veronica McClure
the difference between LongbottomWiggentree manor and Grimmauld place. Really, the names of both say it all!
5/14 c32 Veronica McClure
One thing Molly never seemed to understand about her twin sons: they were genius inventors! And Genius Inventors waste away at ministry.
5/14 c31 Veronica McClure
Zacharias Smith was in Harry's and Hermione's year, not Ginny's, Luna's, and Colin's originally. So I can only assume you thought yourself stuck for fleshing out that year. The Hufflepuff boys in Susan's year were Justin Finch -Fletchley, Ernie McMillan, Zacharias Smith, Wayne Hopkins (at least those were the boys most often mentioned in the books, or fanfiction really)
5/14 c30 Veronica McClure
That would have been something, right!? Harry making a Birthday wish for Riddle and his minions to vanish and not bother anyone ever again?
5/13 c35 Guest
Whatever you did to Petrificus Somewhatus could you please undo it? Then perhaps one of you could manage to finish one of your stories (this one included) that I have become extremely interested in finding out the intended outcome. The lack of an entry for this one in 6 months and 5 months for Somewhatus if becoming a drag. Also, the lack of new entries on this site and the site that must not be named that contain any sort of imagination or skillful writing ability is dead depressing.
5/13 c5 Urgazhi
And this is where I quit. all that build up then she says yes to Krum, an of age wizard asking a 14 year old girl.
5/12 c35 3Blindguy95
This is a really fun read! U love that neville is important and a main character. Im loving sirius as well. Harry and hermione are cute af. Now while um loving the story so far i hope that book 5 isnt too easy for harry and hermione. Anyway good job! Please update soon!
5/12 c22 Veronica McClure
So the "Angry Birds" games were based on Severus Snape's demeanor?
5/11 c14 Veronica McClure
Call on the Gryffindor ghost to help Neville?
5/11 c11 Veronica McClure
Since were Seamus, Pansy, and Parvati taking Ancient Runes?
5/9 c8 Amanda.Ray.Book
I love Luna. Honestly, I know your going the boring Harry/Hermione route, but honestly, I think you did a really nice job of portraying Luna and I'm a firm Luna/Harry shipper. I can be persuaded to be a Hermione/Neville shipper if Neville steps up and Hermione hones her edges a bit. It's a highly under-rated pairing. Anyway, also appreciate that Harry nearly flattened Skeeter. I do hope she was injured at least. Gotta love that Harry and Luna have these odd conversations about kissing and yet don't actually kiss as you might expect. I really liked that Victor joined their group of friends and that the twins brought them all out to the dance floor. The changes are subtle but nice. Even Harry's worry over how Mrs. Weasley might react to he and Ron not being friends fits and you portrayed it well.
5/9 c1 Amanda.Ray.Book
Honestly, I love Neville Longbottom. He's such a picked on, timid, young boy when the series begins, but he grows into a leader that others will follow and appreciate. Fred and George joining into the conversation is good as well. I generally like the twins and I see how they can go good or bad depending on their pranks and taking it too far. Most of the time it seems more for fun than for anything bad, but there are times you are left wondering.
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