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for The Boy Who Lived, The Brightest Witch and The Boy Who Wasn't

2/19 c37 Golden Wind God
2/14 c37 7oolfloo
I loved this version of Sirius. I wish he was given a chance to grow up, like what you did in your story.
1/30 c37 Guest
I just finished reading your story over on AO 3 (Mainly because I can cover more ground reading on their "Entire Work" setting.) I really appreciate writers who cross-post their work on both sites. It's been over 7 months since your last update to this story. I can't imagine you developed this much of a compelling story line with no idea where it is going. At 79 y/o I'd like to live long enough to see it to the end. Thanks for getting us to care about your work. Could we PLEASE get a chance to give you a well-deserved congratulations?
1/23 c29 Guest
You’ve got lighten up on the tired “Harry blames himself for everything” theme.
1/15 c27 Arthur
PLEASE UPDATE! my life depends on it!

This was the best HP story I ever reed— even better then the original— please update. You have done an amazing job!
1/15 c27 Guest
GREAT STORY! Please update my life depends on it!

This is the best HP story I ever reed— even better the the original— PLEASE UPDATE!
1/14 c37 7jada951
well, Sirius sure spoke his mind!

Hoping you continue to update in the new year.

I have enjoyed reading your story, well written w/ interesting side tales off the original, that we all know so well.
1/14 c36 jada951
oops. I spoke too soon about Umbridge.
Now i am so hoping Sirius doesn't buy it at the ministry.
1/14 c35 jada951
forgot to comment last chapter, molly's comments are so bitchy to both
her sons and geez! what she said it sirius. Unreal. There's a reason the older two
fled as soon as the graduated!

Glad to see Ron seems to be shaping up some. Mandy is good for him. Although,
given his mouth and jealously, ya never know...

Great b'day party for H! The candle sounds truly magical, as does the theater.

Oh, and Sirius's first class, excellent! and no Doris - at least not yet.
1/13 c21 jada951
lessons on snogging.

I think that could have helped many years ago, before the first bf.
1/13 c20 jada951
nice to see all the champions come together
1/13 c18 jada951
so glad Neville finally got a proper wand!

I hate the way his family puts him down.
1/13 c14 jada951
talk about a cliffie!

great use of the foe glass. Never seen it in a story before.
1/11 c2 FrostyBehemoth
Can we get some training in here? how many stories do i have to read where he gets thrown in this tournament and doesnt try his hardest to train and survive? I just want a few fucking paragraphs about him going to the libary to research, going to empty classroom to practise some spells? Fuck me side ways. it doesnt even have to be advanced shit, just him putting some fucking effort in to surviving instead of, "Hermione will take care of it" fuck.
12/30/2023 c36 Keronshara
I hope Augusta & her allies can get the point across to the Wizengamot & the public that if anyone should be evaluating Hogwarts it shouldn't be a simple secretary, but someone from the Department of Education since they would have actual knowledge of educational standards & what should be taught in each subject.
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