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for The New Age of a Phenex

12/29/2021 c1 1Can't choose a Username
got to give to you for actually doing chemistry in a fanfic. you took realism to the next level and i like it
12/27/2021 c6 Guest
I get Ginata is out, honestly she didn't do uch even when she "declared her love for him at shipuden".

But that's kind of a bund reason for him to not accept her.

"Oh I'm sorry the Harem is almost at capacity, I'm waiting for some other waif booty before you so sorry, not sorry".

You could've had her moce on but you just put a fake expectation of her suddenly being alright with it.

She's waited for him for years, eating at her for being a coward. When suddenly she has the courage, Naruto just says "sorry its too late bye bye".

Yeah... no you have the tact of a brick when it comes to romance buddy
12/26/2021 c4 Guest
I know it was for the story and ot but can you just get rid of the elders. If not maybe show them that the older brother tried having them disowned and kill3d?

Apparently Naruto is stronger and if not on par with the Maous yet he's passive and has not shown anything to prove it
12/11/2021 c20 Triolveos
Hola sabes te quería pedir si podía subir el fic a youtube porque me gusto bastante para que mas personas lo puedan ver yo lo editaría y avisaría de tus derechos de autor que es tuyo el fic y los mandaría a leerlo si quieren para que aumentes tu comunidad y yo la mía que estoy subiendo fics y quiero que la gente conozca mas sobre esto que me gusta. Si quieres apoyarme yo te intentaría apoyar de igual manera eso si quieres me responde gracias por leerlo bye suerte.
12/11/2021 c20 18Kaisha Agariba Hiniku
Yo. Just wandering cause I noticed it again and I keep meaning to ask cause it bugs me... but I keep forgetting by the time I get done... well no longer! Checked in to see if you updated (couldn't remember what date I had last read) or not and saw you hadn't so I'm gonna ask now before the question leaves my mind. Why doesn't Naruto get burned by holy objects? Is it cause he is from a different universe? Nah he's a devil. Perhaps all the Tailed Beasts have boosted his healing factor on top of his Phenex Regeneration to such heights that not even holy objects burn him? Perhaps... but seriously why? Unless that's something that's gonna get explained later on. If not then LET ME KNOW BEFORE I GO INSANE WITH CURIOUSITY!
12/10/2021 c20 carneyjarred
Ophis and Naruto will be able to connect well due to both being kicked out of Their homes and and i would have thought you would revive fuu?
12/10/2021 c9 carneyjarred
But wouldn't having the rinnegan make naruto overpowered? Although I guess you can make a limited where he can only use one path at a time and has maybe a 50sec. Time limit.
12/10/2021 c7 agnar
This was such a boring chapter. I despise long chapter-length fight, fight, fight, brag brag brag... too long and drawn out and really unneeded.
12/9/2021 c20 Qhaq
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
12/9/2021 c21 siddheshp152
Is this story going to be continue ?
12/9/2021 c21 Dasgun
12/8/2021 c21 darkangelflame
it all good but T-T
12/8/2021 c21 Hyperman15
12/8/2021 c20 Guest
Ok, why the update when there is no new chapter!?
12/8/2021 c20 1Gamerman22
No charter 21, did you upload?
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