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6/30/2020 c6 4SouthwestExpat
Dear Griff! He'd never steal a book from Row but he would brave Merlin's spells to get one for herMerlin, worried about his familiars survival, burdened with knowledge of an ever-changing future. He's most remarkable in his ability to enforce discipline while maintaining his temper, especially with the other stresses he's under...well, we'll see if he can continue this calmness...

Oh, Row! The oldest with a very strong intellect...I can relate to the struggle of feeling the responsibility for the younger ones but wanting to do Things on My Own, especially when the siblings have trouble keeping upthough I never got into this much trouble (then again, I could never do magic)

Poor Huffle...one day she'll learn to assert herself a little more and maybe be a stronger voice of reason to her siblings (she's reminding me a touch of Hwinvery sensible but not prone to arguing)

Well, we've seen the overview of Arthur's reign...I suppose the man himself will appear sooner than laterbut after Merlin teaches his familiars yet ANOTHER lesson about growing up...
6/24/2020 c5 10BellatrixTheStar
Oooh, looks like they're in trouble now! I hope Row owns up, but I fear her pride will prevent her and she'll try and draw attention off herself by bringing the others into it. The characterisation of all the familiars was brilliant too. I really liked this chapter and am VERY curious to know what happens next! :)
6/24/2020 c5 4SouthwestExpat
Okay, the four are in SO. MUCH. TROUBLE.

The dynamics between the siblings are fantastic. They genuinely care about one another, but they fight and clash. Their virtues and vices make them such compelling characters. Row, intelligent but proudmore like Nagi than she would like to admit. Nagi, looking out for his sister but his own self-interest is still there below the surface (perhaps checked by Row's near disaster?). They never would have made it without Griff but his roar could have been fatal for all of them. Huffle, so conscientious but also afraid, needing her brothers to get her courage up.

I'm looking forward to meeting Arthur but the four's adventures are so much funI could read about their lives with Merlin for a long time without touching the Arthurian legends... But now that Row has the book, I suppose things will begin to move...
6/16/2020 c4 SouthwestExpat
Nimue...this is going to be interesting. I only know her from the BBC Merlin, and that was a very different character - not Merlin's age, and not nice at all! But Huffle senses something is wrong...something that even Merlin has missed. I wonder what "less life than a plant" means? Nimue isn't a robot or a zombie...guess I'll have to keep reading to find out!

Love the Huffle-Nagi bonding fluff, and the insight into a younger sibling's head. Oldest siblings can forget to let the younger ones grow up (or tell them to grow up when they should have patience...or both...).

Row, you're going to get everyone in trouble! It'll make for a good story, and I'm sure it will work out in the long run...but you're supposed to be the responsible one - alright, I'm sure whatever it is, Merlin will scold her enough after the mischief is managed ;)
6/9/2020 c3 SouthwestExpat
Oh, poor Merlin! He is one overworked parent! And the Four aren't his only concern...

A very gripping chapterI was worried about Griff and the others, even though I knew the ending. And Nagi and Huffle's desire to help was wonderful... even though they really should have gotten Merlin. I don't blame him one bit for being angry...

Arthur continues to dangle before us...this wonderful, kind man who will make a great king one day... what will become of him and his kingdom?
6/3/2020 c2 10BellatrixTheStar
I was wondering when Merlin would come back! I hope he finds out what happened as I think that would be funny. For me anyway, maybe not for the four mischief makers...
6/2/2020 c2 4SouthwestExpat
Angsty family fluff! More of the four familiars' strengths and weaknessesGriff's strength used to comfort Huffle; Nagi's deliciously mixed motives continue. Row cares about her siblings but gets impatient easily (especially when they make her worry!). And while Huffle is one of the sweetest creatures I've met or read of, she's easily frustrated, impatient when things go wrong. The baby of the family with much to learn...

Kai was the one Muggle, so his companion who wanted to find the crying child would be his younger, foster brother?First impression of the once and future king is compassionI look forward to meeting him properly in future chapters...
5/26/2020 c1 SouthwestExpat
Gryffindor and Slytherin quarreling, then working togethernice portrait of both the good and the bad sides of both houses. We also had a glimpse of Ravenclaw's intelligence, and Hufflepuff's gentleness.

Without even meeting Merlin, we have a good sketch of him. He likes his fine house (mansion?), but knows better than to show it off. He also knows how to bargain, taking His watering the garden because he knows how to make it into almost no work! But while his familiars might be status symbols, he also seems to have genuine affection for them. This is perhaps most evident in Nagiin his ambition to be the best of the siblings, he has to care for them, because Merlin cares for them. Wanting to please Merlin and imitating him are then nurturing genuine affection in Nagi, which in the long run promises to keep his ambition in check.

Looking forward to a nice, long fic!

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