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1/11/2013 c1 1Gungrave Company
Run for your life! An insane Shinji Ikari is on the loose in Tokyo-3! LOL, dude. Liking it so far.
4/29/2011 c1 ArkT
I love how You've made Shinji as Deadpool-esque character.

Cheers, cant wait for chapter 21!
12/5/2005 c20 ArmorBlade
Bit of a wierd one - but FRICKIN HILARIOUS!

Bit distrubing - but awesome all the same.
11/14/2005 c1 26Drekk
Oh no it's barney. The kick ass barney HAHAHA. Love it
8/19/2005 c20 Timor
i just have one question: are u a really big fan of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy? either way this is one of the best stories i've read and it keeps geting better the more you write.
6/21/2005 c20 Paul Bergman
What the hell is wrong with I press "submit review" and get a "save file" window and now it's a triple post.

Right, calsium carbide + water = acetylene + flame = boom. And chemistry is the only thing Shinji learned at school(or maybe somewhere else). But that certainly is the most obscure reference I've seen for a while.

The plot has gotten even weirder, didn't think that was possible. Gendo finally meets the Ancient One and Pen2's plans advance. Keep this up.
6/21/2005 c19 Paul Bergman
...and Hellsing. Psychotic killer nuns and priests definitely fit in with NGE.
6/21/2005 c19 Paul Bergman
...and Hellsing. Psychotic killer nuns and priests definitely fit in with NGE.
6/21/2005 c19 Paul Bergman
...and Hellsing. Psychotic killer nuns and priests definitely fit in with NGE.
6/20/2005 c18 Paul Bergman
Psychopath killer medium... Lemme guess, you like Hellblazer too?
6/19/2005 c11 Paul Bergman
Restarted reading this just yesterday, still good.

Only problem with Jet Alone blowing is that when Ritsuko hacked it she made it stop at the last moment, besides they had time to fetch the EVA, load it on the big plane, fly after JA and have Misato crawl into the reactor before that.
6/4/2005 c20 0-Mighty Bob -0
Considering how much beer Misato feeds Pen Pen, I'm sure something most potent could be created from his excretment. Wait, you have a Knife of Clarity? And Shinji and Shuriken haven't stolen it yet? Speaking of whom...Not enough Shuriken goodness this time around, though Shinji showing off his lizard-likeness and scarin the unholy crap outta Asuka and Misato almost makes up for it. And can I be one of the Pirate Ninjas?
3/19/2005 c19 0-Mighty Bob -0
My eyes burn just thinking about the outfit that Shinij dons after pretending to be a priest in this one. The colors, the colors...!

Heh, the Ancient one considers a bottle of Sake (or some other booze) as his orders? Damn, and here all yhe booze I drink does is tell me to piss and hit on women.

The Ancient One's interaction with Twelve and Three reminds me of Shuri and Dachi's interaction...only toned down somewhat.

Overall a fairly random and certainly vague chapter. Still fun fun readin. All shall become clear (or perhaps more confused?) with more chapters I'm sure. More blood and carnage and insane-Shinjiness in the next chapters? And will we ever get to see Shuri interacting with Asuka? For some reason I imagine such a scene being most amusing.
2/12/2005 c19 112dogbertcarroll
Lots of violence. I like it, but we do need a plot at some point.
2/12/2005 c19 9legacyZero
Ok, first thing on the agenda would be about the new characters you're introducing into your story. Are they going to be playing a greater role with the story or just sticking around for the fireworks?

The chapter was also vague but I suppose it was a introduction chapter for the characters above. Was it four or three of them? I wasn't too sure. :P

Also the plot has taken a rather erratic stance, similar to that of your HP fic 'Stahl Nacht. Whether it's a good or bad thing would have to wait until further chapters come into judgement. (Note: I'm very eager for an update on Witch Hunter and other HP fics, if you would so indugle this fan :)

Concerning 'Blood royale', I apologize for it should be 'Battle royale' not 'Blood royale', the latter being a hentai flick. :P

Signing off with cheers to the year,

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