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10/12 c17 MsJordanRhianne
You write these characters extremely well! And your writing is fantastic! I’m thoroughly enjoying! I can’t wait to read on!
9/1 c16 Guest
So how do Christine/Erik move on with their son?
8/26 c16 hwilkins7901
I love this so much, especially the fact that you are bringing attention to how raoul feels and not just concentrating on christine and the phantom's relationship
8/13 c15 Guest
Good that Erik woke up.
8/4 c14 Guest
You can leave us hanging like that!

How is Meg going to handle what she got herself into?
7/17 c12 sickyoungchick
Lots of action this chapter! Lucky that Jack came along, but the hotel must be wondering what they did to deserve such patronage..! :D
7/16 c12 basicallybooks
Thank you for not doing to Gustave what I was afraid you were going to do.

And look at them all behaving around one another! Gasp!
7/16 c12 Erik8
Oh, Gustave already accepted his real father, he was so loving giving strength to him. I hope Erik will recover! Please don't let him die! Awesome chapter by the way!
7/12 c11 basicallybooks
You’re coming much more into yourself in your writing! Excellent cliffhanger.
7/6 c11 Guest
Oh No.
6/26 c1 6cxe128
Your writing is compelling! There were some very tender moments between Erik and Christine.

But I hate these depictions of Raoul as an abusive drunk, yours included. In the original musical (the only one that is really canon), he is the gentle hero, the one who would protect Christine. Erik was the abusive, manipulative one. Please keep that in mind when you write your fics. :)
6/18 c9 Guest
So hows erik going to get his son back?
6/15 c7 Drusilla Doll
Your story is coming to life more now that it is truly taking a different turn! Also just realized that Raoul doesn't seem to have interacted with Meg at the bar in your version, so I guess what I meant in my review of chap 8 is that once he eventually does interact with her (maybe?), I can see them connect based on their feelings of regret and hurt.
6/15 c8 Drusilla Doll
Interesting turn of events! I wonder what Raoul will do next... hopefully come back to his senses. Maybe turn his attention to Meg again? I like that she's once again taking up her role as Christine's friend and confident, that feels right, though I'm sure her pain needs to be addressed too. Can't wait to read more!
6/13 c8 Erik8
Bravo ! It's really amazing! You portrayed Raul as he should be like a spoiled child, selfish and vengeful. Oh, I hope Erik will bring Gustave back to Christine safe.
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