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5/4 c27 Darkdoom
I really like this story and most of your explainations as to who and what naruto does in it. But I would really like you to reconsider your plans for kaguya. Because I had an idea on how to spin what happened a slightly different way. The seal started to break and therefore made it possible for kaguya and zetsu to escape right? What if only zetsu escaped through the break and kaguya followed only to free herself and hides so she can live in peace. Or maybe she actually started to care, since they (naruto and Sasuke) are her descendants and wanted to make sure the world is still save. She has been defeated two times by her own descendants which could make her change her mind on who is stronger and might be able to protect the world. It could be even used if kaguya joins the good guys in the end. And maybe give her a place in narutos harem. I know you said no because she is related to naruto but that is very very distant. DNA wise it's about 0,000000000000909% that he has left of her. Simple math
1 Generation of shinobi 25 years
About 1000 years difference between narutos and kaguyas time 40 Generations were the DNA gets watered down by half every time. So they are basicly as unrelated as they can be. And also wouldn't Hinata fall under the category of incest aswell? I am happy to read your answer soon. Keep it up and take care
4/30 c27 Guest
This is good
4/27 c12 betmen123
idk why you change naruto character midway into your fic. at the beginning of this fic Naruto actually act like 120 years Sage who been through alot then midway into this fic suddenly he act like his dumb teenager himself again. and blushing? really? he's 120 years old man, a widower, a sage, former hokage and he's blushing like teenage boy when woman flirt a little with him?
4/18 c3 xXDeltaGamingXx
Why did I get karate kid vibes from this chapter
4/15 c3 Guest
Yeah.. at this point it's pretty clear that you're just not at all good at writing. And that's fine, but you also seem to heavily defend your mediocrity and failures on shit like "writing on a phone", "fanfiction's site" and who knows what else-take some personal responsibility for the stuff you create, or you'll never improve.

All-in-all, as a writer, you are very childish, and it comes through heavily in your story. I doubt anyone over the mental age of 16~ would be able to keep reading this disaster.

These author's notes that are as long as the story are also a massive red flag. I've never seen a decent writer do this shit.

I hope you'll start to focus more on improving, rather than defending yourself. Good luck.
4/15 c2 Guest
"These are all the ladies he suggested(except the last 5). So do your thing speaking I have to look at the fandoms and the anime to get an idea of some of these suggestions. Still the pen should move in resonance with accordance to the readers mindset,so I will leave it to you guys to decide."

This already paves the way for your failure as a writer. The pen should move in resonance with your own ideas and mindset-the readers will come around if it's interesting enough. Also, that's a terrible and long-ass list. Writing a story based on readers' personal opinions will never get you where you want to go.
4/15 c1 Guest
Have you ever met a drunk person? They do not act or speak this way outside of exaggerated cartoons for kids. Not a great start.
4/14 c20 Uzumaki503
Rias y akeno va estar en el harem?
4/14 c24 Guest
Please pair naruto with Yasaka and Tsubasa and also have naruto gain the rinnegan and please continue the story
3/27 c27 polosan271
next chapter broo brooooo
Awesome chapter keep it up
3/26 c27 Guest
Dang this story is awesome! I just binge read this whole story and I love it! Keep up the awesome writing cause I gotta feeling that this story is going to get wilder and wilder as we go!
3/26 c27 SPark681
Hmm, seems its time to get serious anyways keep up the great work!
3/24 c4 leblanq
Aaaand it became shit...
3/21 c22 Alextian Godz
Shuten doji is jiraiya isn't he ?
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