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6/13 c4 sadarsa
Kaguya?... Really?...
The story was ok until this. Wow, that killed any and all interest faster than any other story I've ever read. Congratulations, You've earned an achievement.
5/31 c20 ezraneb
I like this story... it has a very interesting perspective. it also has an interesting way of revealing new information in a natural way. however... you are a bad comedy writer. your jokes are impractical and sometimes cheapen the impact of certain details. otherwise.. good story... last ten let's go...
5/30 c14 ezraneb
i don't understand why you had to pad this chapter so much with the clone naruto antics while of course him staying in kuoh could be an interesting thing to explore, that doesn't excuse the fact that half of his scene has zero plot importance until maybe the beginning and end.
4/16 c5 Guest
Change your name from lucky bastard to dumb bastard.
4/16 c13 Guest
I'm going to be honest with you dude your story is a big mess the whole story is a messed.
3/9 c30 kionne
i hope you continue this story as you have left it on a high note so please come back soon to finish as it was golden and i loved to see the ending yours truly
2/8 c7 Guest
I'm going to stop here. This story is clich├ęd and boring even with your attempts to make it interesting.
1/25 c4 m o r e
i think it's naruto's fate to get all the problems and adventure, wherever he went...heck i think it will also happen if he died :D but this is good af
1/13 c4 Fullmetal11791
Well, the premise is def great even if writing is a bit rough. But it seems naruto being a gardener is already kind of irrelevant and its only been four chapters.

The summary implies that Naruto is going to be kind of watching/ minorly influencing events from the sidelines while doing his absolute best to avoid being discovered despite fate trying to drag him into shit. Thought he's actually be making an effort to stay hidden.

Well, again, its been four chapters and he's already been discovered by the devils and the fallen, hes training people in Rias's group, and somehow his grandson has shown up when Kurama already stated that it took over 90% of his power to even get them here. Hell, he also stated that he left his world without a destination planned. So theres no real reason his grandson should even be here.

Just a bit disappointed that the story summary is kind of misleading.
1/13 c1 Fullmetal11791
Lol i love this idea.

That said, landscaping is really hard work and burns a lot of calories. It would be perfectly reasonable for him to be in great shape if he's in charge of landscaping an entire university sized high school. It would honestly be more suspicious for him to be fat.
1/12 c9 shooodai
I know there is Endgame Thor vibe in this fic but hot damn
12/31/2021 c30 Normillah Bamra Mira-ato
Hope you have a good day...CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!
12/17/2021 c10 TDR007
This is dope I love it I saw the first 8 chapters on YouTube and I came here to finish it cause I love it
12/14/2021 c9 cenies
Ahh... And here I was thinking that Naruto was going to find Kaguya in an apartment Reading manga or playing online games while in underwear... Well, RIP.
12/14/2021 c30 bob
please upload the rest of the story
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