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for Ghostly Whispers

8/30/2023 c14 6fairydares
"No promises, Wednesday Adams."
12/10/2020 c14 Damaged Forest Spirit
I love it! It's awesome. I hope to read more soon. I wonder if Mai will listen to being told to not turn around. LOL! I can just picture her yelling at him about why can't she turn around and then turning around.
10/29/2020 c14 Savvie
i need more ;-;
9/27/2020 c14 Guest
I can't wait for the next chapter, you did a great job
9/25/2020 c14 Kirah14
omg the cliffie
9/24/2020 c14 CaitHawke4Ever
Great chapter. That was quite a mess the spirit left for the team to find. Really enjoyed the staring contest between Kin and Naru. Kin needs to back off, cause Mai belongs with Naru! If Naru does not put Kin in his place then I am absolutely certain Gene will! Stay safe and update when you can. MaiXNaru forever!
9/24/2020 c14 Nathasha Ocampo
Fue muy divertido, adoro los celos de Naru
9/22/2020 c13 Skrytaya Ioshad
I've just finished all of your chapters you've written so far and I love them all! (I read them all within a day, I loved them so much) You have written the characters and the story so well! Your ambition for the first chapter to make it something you wanted to read was true for ever chapter that followed, it really felt like I was read the real thing. I enjoyed your writing style so much and I can't wait for the next chapters! (but I'll have to wait until after my exams to read them ;)
9/14/2020 c13 Nathasha Ocampo
Creo que deberías hacer que Naru al fin reaccione estallando en celos al ver los avances de Kin hacia Mai

Espero tu actualización
9/3/2020 c13 Kirah14
Lin snitched with the quickness! lol
9/2/2020 c13 CaitHawke4Ever
Love Gene teasing Mai. Mai catching Naru asleep in his office was cute. Glad you paired Masako with Yasu. I think Kin is a big flirt and will be the one to make Naru confess to Mai. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. Stay safe and update when you can. MaiXNaru forever!
9/2/2020 c13 bewitchedquill
Hahaha I like how you wrote painting owls on multiple shirts like that's a typical household task. So there will be lots of opportunity for Mai and Naru to get some alone time with this living it! Enjoying the haunted book store angle and curious to see where it goes. Love the idea of bad boy Kin making Naru jealous. He deserves it. Good luck with your classes and update soon please.
8/25/2020 c12 bewitchedquill very close-ooh la la. I do find it odd that Mai would be able to afford an apartment complex nice enough to fit the needs of Lin and Naru. Even if it was a different floorplan. But Idk. Maybe Japanese apartments are different. Thank you for the chapter! Update soon please.
8/24/2020 c12 CaitHawke4Ever
I should have known Mai would make good on her threat to bring Madoka to Japan. I am so glad nobody is leaving and I love the team jackets. The best part is that Mai and Naru are going to be neighbors. Bring on the new case. Stay safe and update when you can. MaiXNaru forever!
8/19/2020 c11 bewitchedquill
Thank you for writing. I liked the ending of this chapter. Please update soon!
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