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8/9 c3 2trueserendipity73
You know I love it already but finally got around to reviewing. So so hot. Yum, so envious of how you write. Please don't stop no matter what. You are way too talented. This story was intense. Nice mix of angst and happy. Will be rereading many times!
8/4 c3 5Poetfades2black
Yes! Love it. The tension build up and their admission of feelings, it was all quite wonderful. Thanks for another chapter.
8/4 c3 Maryrose1123
I absolutely love this story. Please, please keep writing it.
8/3 c3 shewon
I can not even write words right now!
This is PERFECT!
Oh my GOD ... what have you done to me!
Need HELP!
7/17 c3 20WendyCR72
*Squealing like a fangirl* You have no idea how thrilled I was when I saw that you had finished the newest chapter!

And it was HOT! And sweet. And sexy. And just completely fabulous. Thanks *so* much for the surprise treat! Almost as hot as the weather here. :-)

I "heard" this in their voices so perfectly, too. Thanks for giving these two some deserved happiness!
6/18 c2 spacekitten2700
more please
6/10 c2 2rindy713
Excellent! I like what Alex said about grief. She needs to let Bobby know quickly that he’s not out of bounds, though.
6/5 c2 20WendyCR72
This was even better than I imagined it would be. This was WONDERFUL! :-) Thank you so much for such a wonderful treat. Definitely could use treats right about now, and this was perfect.
6/5 c2 deniselynne1966
Such an emotional chapter.
6/5 c2 5Poetfades2black
Yes. Love the intimate moment of her physically and emotionally comforting Bobby. Also the kiss and how quick he shifted when she stopped him. I have a feeling that she will have a harder time not thinking about that kiss. I love how he tested the waters and kept going in.
6/5 c2 4writerella
OMG don't leave us hanging! GREAT chapter!
6/5 c1 writerella
YES! :) I was waiting for a good meltdown story and I loved the intensity! Great job!
5/27 c1 5Poetfades2black
This scene needed to be written. I'm a sucker for angst. This felt real and palpable. I can't wait to read more of either story.
5/26 c1 20WendyCR72
OMG! You posted! YAY! And this is even BETTER than I could have imagined. As I thought, Alex is always the one to talk Bobby down, and you executed it brilliantly!

SO looking forward to the next part! :-)
5/26 c1 125Atarya QueenofEgypt
Can we work together please Maddie I'd like to help you. You're not alone. I'm here for you. Please PM me back

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